How To Use DefiLlama ChatGPT Plugin To Find Crypto Gems – Full Guide

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has emerged as a groundbreaking force that is reshaping the contours of the financial ecosystem. In this dynamic and complex landscape, data serves as the compass, guiding investors through the myriad of DeFi protocols. Two trailblazing tools, DeFiLlama and ChatGPT, have synergized to make this data more accessible and actionable for investors.

How To Start

To use the DefiLlama ChatGPT plugin to find crypto gems, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a ChatGPT Plus subscription: To access and use plugins, you will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which costs $20 per month.
  1. Access the ChatGPT interface: Go to and open up a new chat.
  1. Select “GPT-4” and then choose the “Plugins” option.
  1. Open the Plugin store: Click into the “Plugin store” to start installing new plugins.
  1. Install the DefiLlama plugin: In the Plugin store, use the search bar to specifically look for the DefiLlama plugin by typing “DefiLlama” or related keywords like “crypto” or “DeFi.”
  1. Enable the DefiLlama plugin: Once installed, enable the DefiLlama plugin from the settings. Remember that you can only have three plugins active at a time per chat stream.
  1. Use the DefiLlama plugin commands: After enabling the plugin, you can start using the DefiLlama plugin commands in your chat with ChatGPT. Some example commands you can try are:
  • “Can you provide an overview of on-chain growth across DeFi over the past 24 hours?”
  • “Which DeFi protocols are generating the most revenue right now?”
  1. Experiment and explore: The ChatGPT plugins scene is still in its early stages, so feel free to experiment with different prompts and plugin combinations to find the best results for your needs. Keep in mind that some plugins may have bugs or not work well, so if you encounter any issues, try disabling the problem plugin and explore other options.

Remember to fact-check the information provided by ChatGPT, as it may retrieve data from various sources, including potentially unreliable ones 

The Power Duo: DeFiLlama and ChatGPT

DeFiLlama, a comprehensive DeFi data aggregator, provides crucial metrics from various DeFi protocols, including total value locked (TVL), TVL change, fees earned, and revenue earned. These metrics serve as key indicators of a protocol’s performance, growth, and profitability.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a sophisticated language model developed by OpenAI. It’s capable of understanding and generating human-like text, making it an ideal tool for interpreting and interacting with complex data.

The integration of DeFiLlama with ChatGPT has created a powerful tool that allows users to query DeFi data in natural language. This fusion has not only made DeFi data more user-friendly but has also empowered investors to make more informed decisions.

Unleashing the Potential of the DeFiLlama Plugin

Activating the DeFiLlama plugin in ChatGPT settings unlocks a treasure trove of data. Users can query a wide range of data regarding various DeFi protocols. For instance, by querying the TVL change over a specific period, investors can identify fast-growing protocols, a crucial step in spotting potential investment opportunities.

Similarly, analyzing fees and revenue generated by a protocol can provide insights into its efficiency and profitability. A high fees-to-TVL ratio, for instance, could indicate a protocol’s ability to generate significant fees relative to the assets it has locked, a sign of efficiency and potential profitability.

Case Study: Harnessing the Power of DeFiLlama and ChatGPT

A compelling demonstration of the power of the DeFiLlama plugin with ChatGPT comes from a YouTube video titled “ChatGPT saved me $6,942 with DefiLlama plugin crypto analysis.” The host showcases how he leveraged the plugin to access and analyze data from various DeFi protocols.

By querying the TVL change, he identified fast-growing protocols. He then analyzed the fees and revenue generated by these protocols, providing insights into their efficiency and profitability. This data-driven approach enabled him to make informed investment decisions, leading to significant savings.

This case study underscores the potential of the DeFiLlama plugin with ChatGPT. It’s not just about accessing data; it’s about leveraging this data to make informed decisions that can lead to tangible financial outcomes.


The integration of DeFiLlama with ChatGPT has revolutionized the way investors interact with DeFi data. It has transformed a complex array of metrics into an accessible and actionable tool for investment decision-making.

However, while this tool provides valuable insights, it’s crucial to remember the importance of comprehensive research when investing in DeFi protocols. The DeFiLlama plugin should be used as part of a broader research strategy, complemented by a thorough understanding of the DeFi landscape and the specific protocols in question.

In the dynamic world of DeFi, the right tools, coupled with diligent research, can empower investors to navigate with confidence and make informed decisions. The DeFiLlama and ChatGPT integration is a powerful example of such a tool, providing a data-driven compass to guide investors through the DeFi landscape.

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