How to cut down on crypto wallet fees

Crypto transactions can sometimes be costly depending on the blockchain you use, which is why most traders often prefer crypto wallets with the lowest transaction fees. When selecting a crypto wallet, you should consider how to reduce crypto fees without compromising other aspects such as security to get the lowest fees. In our selection of the crypto wallets with the lowest fees, we factored in aspects such as security, accessibility, and the number of supported cryptos.

Here are our top cheapest and secure crypto wallets.

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Similar to the Nano Ledger S, it is practically a small minicomputer with limited power. However, this performance is still easily sufficient to manage cryptocurrencies. The Trezor wallet connects via a USB port to a computer or mobile.

The wallet is open-source and compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android OS. It also supports 51 coins, 450+ tokens (T-version), 18 coins (one-version).

You can choose between Trezor Model T costs about $188, and Model One, which costs $49.


Exodus is a software wallet for desktop and mobile with an extremely chic and easy-to-use interface. For this reason, this wallet is particularly suitable for beginners, who can send, receive, and even exchange currencies as easily as possible.

The Exodus Wallet is generally considered secure, as the private keys to the currencies are also stored locally on the end device. However, these devices usually have a direct Internet connection and can provide an attack surface for hackers.

For most users and especially beginners, the security of the Exodus Wallet is sufficient. But if you want to manage high values in cryptocurrencies with maximum security, you are better off with a hardware wallet such as Ledger or BitBox.


The BitBox is a popular and secure hardware wallet developed by the Swiss company Shift Crypto AG. The company relies on high-security standards and develops the software on an open-source basis to quickly find and close potential security gaps with the community’s help.

The latest version of the hardware wallet is “BitBox02”, which is offered in two versions. With the “Multi edition,” Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens can be managed; it retails for about $140. If only BTC is to be stored, there is the “Bitcoin-only edition.”

Ledger Nano

Ledger NanoX is one of the most secure hardware crypto wallets and is also affordable. It currently retails for about $145. Here are some of the wallet’s features:

  • Security: Private keys are securely isolated in cc EAL5+ (certified) and never leave the wallet. It is the same type of chip used in passports and credit cards for security.
  • Mobility: The Nano X is Bluetooth enabled. This allows an easy connection of the hardware wallet with the smartphone. Via the Ledger Live App, the user can then conveniently make transactions from anywhere on his smartphone. All communication is encrypted end-to-end to protect against threats and possible hacking attempts from outside.
  • Easy recovery: The account is protected even if the user loses their hardware wallet. When set up, they receive a 24-word recovery phrase. This allows you to restore your account on another ledger wallet instantly.
  • Large Capacity: The Ledger Nano X stores up to 100 different cryptocurrencies. In total, it supports over 1100 different crypto assets. This corresponds to the scope that the Nano S also offers.
  • Simple and intuitive: As with other ledger products, the goal of the Nano X is to create a device that is easy to use and intuitive. The device has a simplified interface. There are only two buttons and a screen. This is completely sufficient to operate on all functions of the device. The simple Bluetooth connection to smartphone and desktop PC also makes handling much easier.
  • BOLOS operating system: Ledger sticks to the tried and tested and has also equipped the Nano X with its highly secure BOLOS operating system.

For those who prefer the security and convenience of a Ledger crypto wallet but want to pay a cheaper price, the Ledger Nano S is the appropriate wallet. It retails for about $72. The compact hardware stick can securely manage over 1,800 different cryptocurrencies and be connected to any computer via a USB port.

The wallet is the little brother of the Ledger Nano X and has fewer technical features such as Bluetooth. However, both are compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android OS.

Bottom Line

Selecting a cheap wallet is one of the most important first steps in crypto investing. Alternatively, there are multiple sources about crypto wallets with lowest fees available for the user to learn more about. However, whether you choose a desktop, paper, web, hardware, or mobile wallet, you should do thorough due diligence to find one suitable for you. Useful source for choosing a crypto wallet is Ultimately, hot storage options are more user friendlier while cold storage wallets are much safer devices.

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