How To Buy & Trade Coins on Base Blockchain?

The Base Chain has been a hot topic in the crypto sphere, making headlines due to its backing by major exchange, Coinbase, and Optimism. As a Layer 2 public chain, it offers superior transaction handling, particularly under high-volume scenarios. The question that arises next is, “how does one get involved in this novel ecosystem?”

In this article, we’ll be delving into the exact steps required to participate in the BASE ecosystem.

What is the Base Chain?

To put it simply, the Base Chain is a Layer 2 public chain developed by Coinbase and Optimism. What sets it apart is its ability to leverage the high trading volume of the Coinbase Exchange. This not only makes the Base Chain robust but also efficient, capable of managing more demanding transactions when compared to a typical local dog chain. This, in turn, brings some serious benefits to secondary users.

Joining the BASE Ecosystem

Now that we understand the merits of the Base Chain, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to start participating.

Step 1: Add BASE Chain to Your Wallet

The first step is to add the BASE Chain to your Metamask wallet. This can be done via this link.

Step 2: Bridge Your ETH to the BASE Chain

Navigate to the platform’s dedicated bridging portal. This is where all bridging operations are centralized.

Remember to always verify the legitimacy of the transaction. This can be done by checking this Base Docs link. It’s important to note that only ETH from the Ethereum chain should be sent to the contract above. If other assets are sent, they will be permanently lost.

Step 3: Swap Coins on Base

With your ETH now on the BASE Chain, AE tokens can be swapped on Base via BaseSwap or RocketSwap.

And voila, you’re now a participant in the BASE ecosystem! With a few simple steps, you have entered an ecosystem that provides exciting possibilities.

Best of luck with your crypto journey in the BASE ecosystem!

That concludes our concise guide on how to participate in the BASE ecosystem. Be sure to stay tuned for more helpful guides and insights into the world of cryptocurrency.

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