Best DEX on Base: How To Trade on Base Blockchain

Ever since Coinbase developed its Base layer-2 blockchain solution, the crypto world has been watching with bated breath for the evolution of decentralized exchanges (DEX) on this new framework.

This article delves into four prominent exchanges on the Base Network: RocketSwap, DackieSwap, BaseSwap, and SwapBased, exploring their features, offerings, and the unique value they bring to the decentralized trading ecosystem.

RocketSwap: A Community-Driven DEX on Base Chain

RocketSwap stands out as a community-developed Automated Market Maker (AMM) dedicated to facilitating the exchange of digital assets. As a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Base chain, it offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to seamlessly swap, pool, and farm digital tokens. The platform’s commitment to community development ensures that it remains transparent, secure, and aligned with the needs of its users.

Beyond its primary swapping feature, RocketSwap offers a range of functionalities including pools, a dedicated $RSWP token, and farming opportunities. Users can also view a leaderboard and access a help section for any queries or assistance. The platform’s verification system ensures that only trusted tokens are listed, providing an added layer of security for its users. With its community-centric approach and robust features, RocketSwap is poised to be a top choice for those looking to engage in decentralized trading on the Base chain.

DackieSwap: A Native DEX on Base Chain

DackieSwap is a recognized DEX on the Base chain. Designed with the cryptocurrency community in mind, it provides a straightforward and secure platform for decentralized trading. The platform has garnered attention with a trade volume of 9.10M, a total value locked of 1.21M, and an active community of over 100K members.

DackieSwap offers basic swapping functionalities along with a few additional features. One of its features is the Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM), which aims to provide users with potential rewards. DackiePad is another feature that allows users to explore tokens within the Base chain. Additionally, the platform has NFT Pools where users can stake NFTs with the prospect of earning rewards. Overall, DackieSwap offers a range of options for those interested in decentralized trading on the Base chain.

BaseSwap: A Decentralized Exchange on Base Chain

BaseSwap is a decentralized exchange operating on the Base Chain. It offers users the ability to swap their preferred tokens, provide liquidity, and potentially earn BSWAP tokens. With a notable Total Value Locked (TVL) of $34.50 million, BaseSwap emphasizes its commitment to providing a reliable platform for its users.

The platform promotes itself with the mantra “Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.” and aims to leverage the power of decentralized finance to benefit both individual and collective users. BaseSwap ensures a trusted and secure environment for its users. It offers rapid swaps on the Base blockchain and provides opportunities for users to stake and farm, allowing them to potentially grow their portfolios within the Base ecosystem.

SwapBased: Another Leader among DEXes on Base chain

SwapBased is a prominent asset exchange operating on the Base Network. With a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $3,634,254, it showcases its significant presence in the decentralized finance space. The platform boasts nice metrics, with 44 total trading pairs, it offers users a diverse range of options for their trading needs.

SwapBased provides a range of features to its users. It allows for the seamless trading of any combination of ERC-20 tokens. Those who supply liquidity to the platform can earn a 0.25% fee on trades, proportional to their share in the liquidity pool. Additionally, by depositing Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens, users have the opportunity to earn extra rewards.

The platform also offers comprehensive analytics and historical data, giving users insights into their trading activities. As a testament to its growing influence, SwapBased has established a robust community across various social platforms, including Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

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The Base Network is steadily emerging as a preferred choice for decentralized exchanges. With platforms like RocketSwap, DackieSwap, SwapBased, and BaseSwap, users have a variety of options to explore.

Each of these exchanges brings its own set of features, catering to different segments of the crypto community. As the world of DeFi grows, it’s evident that these platforms are making their mark, contributing to the evolving landscape of decentralized trading on the Base Network.

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