Holochain (HOT) – The evolution of blockchain marches on

Pricewise, Holo has been rather stable throughout the last month. Peaking at $0.001289/20 satoshi on October 5th, the currency did see a slight drop during the second third of the month. Falling to $0.000953/15 satoshi on October 12th, Holo recovered above $0.001000/16 satoshi and stayed in this range throughout the month.

Holochain can currently be purchased for $0.001035 USD (-1.19% drop in the last 24 hours)/0.00000016 BTC (-1.01% drop in the last 24 hours). This value is about 30% lower than the token’s all time high of 22 satoshi. Holochain’s daily trade volume of $2,987,917 is mostly delivered by Binance (47%) and Fatbtc (37%). With a market cap of $137,833,338, Holochain is currently the 54th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Daemon_Crypto thinks HOT is ready to see a leg up:

“Looking ready to leg up. Getting very tight. Market sentiment at the moment is bullish . Being a top 100 coin. I see it getting some volume flowing in. Fundamental event in a few days also.

I’m acquiring at 16-17sats

Chasing Targets: 18, 19, 20, 21, 24”

Trader hamidrezaforo offers a similar insight:

“I predict HOT (Holochain) will fly in next 10 days (maximum).

Why? based on following reasons:

1-Elliott Waves theory

1st wave: 7 ==> 24 satoshies; 2nd wave: 24==> 14 satoshies; 3rd wave: 14==>? Minimum estimation for target of 3rd wave is as below:

Based on Fibonacci extension 1 (so called AB=CD pattern)==> 31 satoshis

Based on Fibonacci extension 1.61 ==> 42 satoshis

2- Bollinger band indicator

Squeezing B.B. indicator on high time frame, Often is a good sign for end of sideway and starting an upward/downward momentum. Now, B.B has been squeezed and is ready for a high volume movement (probably upward)

3- Triangle

HOT is reaching to a narrow region of a reletively large triangle. Triangle will be broken in near future.


20-day Moving average (green line) and 50-day Moving average (pink line) act as strong supports and this behavior can repeat once more. “

Check out his complete analysis for the chart and some target prices.

Holochain has seen a lot of activity and mainstream attention ever since it presented its unusual, innovative, blockchain-less approach to crypto. Often though of as “the blockchain that’s thinking outside the blocks”, we saw some interesting discussions regarding the project’s economics and future applications pop up online in recent days.

The project recently held its 18th AMA where Matthew Schutte took the time to thank some important community contributors, present the work that Holo team completed since the last AMA and address the actual questions that the community had this time around. The questions ranged from people asking about Solidity developers potentially switching to Holochain, over one about creating a digital asset management system on the platform, to questions about the network going live and the HOT token’s conversion into Holofuel. All of these questions and more were answered in this video.

We also saw the project release a “Holochain Developer Preview” which went into detail what their development team was up to in the last couple of months. After showing the Holochain network’s functionality in a proof-of-concept prototype that was written in Go, developers decided to rewrite the codebase in Rust.

“The main reason was to enable Holochain to be compiled to WebAssembly, and thus, enable Holochain light clients running in the browser (which is needed for the Holo hosting app) to use the same source code as the Holochain core,” explained this Medium post describing this release. The post further adds: “Also, Rust comes with a lower run-time footprint than Go, and we think its rigorous compile-time checks and approach to memory management will put Holochain on a super-solid footing.”

After 606 commits to develop and 700 commits to all branches, 212 file changes and 14,319 additions/6437 deletions, developer preview pre-release of this brand new code-base is finally ready for public presentation. The release was made to allow developers to familiarize themselves with the changes and the team suggested that more changes could be coming in the future. The release doesn’t have a network stack but it does offer an insight into the API of the Rust rewrite, giving the community a chance to provide feedback on the new features. As of now, the Go codebase will not be worked on any further.

The Rust version of Holochain uses a WebAssembly interpreter for all Holochain DNA code which means that you could basically use any language that compiles to WASM to build your app. The team plans to create Holochain Development Kits (HDK’s) which will be written in WASM-compatible languages that should help relieve developers from having to write their own memory management, serialization and other boilerplate code. The update also describes how macros will be made more powerful and the underlying API functions and callbacks will be binary and WASM based in the currently available HDK. The team even provided an example app that gives developers a sneak peek at how to build apps on top of this HDK.

The update goes into far more detail on how to build, run and attach UI’s to the Holochain apps built on top of the new codebase. For now, the dev. experience is limited to the API but the network stack and features like bridging have been promised in the future.

The Holochain Rust Developer Preview was a significant update, containing the core set of functionality and the developer tooling without the low level network functionality that the team promised. For now, the platform is focused on asking for community feedback and developing the remaining features in the near future. The codebase offers no networking and isn’t fit for production use, especially since the code has not yet undergone a security audit. However, Holochain is regularly among the top Github contributors and there isn’t much reason to think that the upcoming mainnet launch and the rollout of Holoports won’t be a solid success.

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