Here’s Why Kaspa (KAS) Is Not the Next Bitcoin (BTC)

Matthew Crats from Bitcoin University explores if Kaspa (KAS) could be the next Bitcoin in a YouTube video released some days ago. He provides a methodology to analyze cryptocurrencies, and he also believes such could work for Kaspa and any other crypto. 

Kaspa is ranked 24th by market cap, positioned between ICP (Internet Computer) and Pepe. The blockchain implements a protocol called GhostDAG, a generalization of the Nakamoto consensus.

Unlike traditional blockchains, Kaspa’s blockDAG orders all blocks in parallel within consensus, allowing high block rates, instant transactions, and scalability without compromising security. The protocol is based on a paper by Kaspa’s founder, Yonatan Sionski.

Some of the advantages of Kaspa include that it was pre-mined and did not have any initial token allocation, unlike Ethereum and Cardano. The crypto runs on a proof-of-work consensus mechanism and has a fixed maximum supply similar to Bitcoin.

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Kaspa’s maximum supply is 28.7 billion coins, much higher than Bitcoin’s 21 million, making it appear cheaper per unit.

Concerns about Kaspa

Despite all the advantages, the presenter raised some concerns about Kaspa. One of the issues is that the founder of Kaspa, Yonatan Sionski, actively tweets and also makes some controversial posts.

It has also been seen that the development team is predominantly Israeli, raising concerns about decentralization and potential bias. More so, the founder’s public stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict might deter certain user groups from using the blockchain.

Kaspa claims to solve the blockchain trilemma (security, scalability, and decentralization). However, Crats’ has a little different perspective on this. He thinks that if Kaspa succeeds globally, it may threaten decentralization due to the need for massive archival nodes.

However, for fairness, Crats assumes Kaspa’s GhostDAG is as effective as claimed.

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Kaspa vs. Bitcoin: Why KAS is Not the Next BTC

Bitcoin has an anonymous and absent founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and this provides neutrality and decentralized trust.

Kaspa’s faster issuance schedule (most coins mined by 2026) contrasts with Bitcoin’s slow, organic growth.

Bitcoin’s initial period began with a period of curiosity, which led to its organic global distribution and adoption. However, Kaspa is trying to accelerate this path.

The Kaspa community often asserts that Kaspa is not a competitor to Bitcoin but rather complements it, similar to the silver-to-gold analogy. Crats argues that all money competes, and Bitcoin’s established network effects and global integration make it a formidable opponent.

Bitcoin has proven its resilience over time, having been battle-tested and integrated into the global financial system. Kaspa, being newer and less tested, has not yet demonstrated the same level of resilience.

Kaspa, though innovative, faces challenges in competing with Bitcoin’s established dominance, network effects, and global brand. Bitcoin’s role in financial systems, geopolitical influence, and market cap make it a tough contender for any new cryptocurrency.

Crats suggests that while Kaspa might outperform Bitcoin in the short term, long-term trends favor Bitcoin.

While Kaspa introduces some technological innovations and has certain advantages, it faces significant challenges in competing with Bitcoin’s established dominance, network effects, and global trust.

Crats recommends focusing on Bitcoin due to its proven resilience and established position. He encourages viewers to hold BTC and avoid distractions from new cryptocurrencies promising to outperform Bitcoin.

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