Here Is When to Expect the Long-Awaited Cardano (ADA) Breakout: It’s Not Close – Top Analyst

After dropping from its 2021 peak, Cardano has been in a consolidation phase since 2022 until now. Even in this phase, it saw a 31% price drop this year and a 1% drop last month. This situation is tough for even short-term traders and has caused lots of guesses about when the market will get better.

Analyst Ali Charts has found a pattern in Cardano’s past price history and is using this to predict when the next big price jump, or breakout, might happen.

Ali sees a strong similarity between Cardano’s current price trend and its past behavior, especially from 2018 to 2020. In that time, Cardano’s price stayed in a certain range, not going up or down much.

Now, we see a very similar pattern. Cardano’s price is moving within a certain range, causing lots of talk and theories in the crypto world. Ali suggests that if things go like before, Cardano might stay in this phase until July 2024.

Maybe a Sooner Breakout?

But the crypto market is known for surprises. Ali also presents another possible situation where, if no big bad events happen like the COVID-19 crash, Cardano might breakout as early as this December.

Factors to Consider

Several things could push this breakout. Cardano’s tech improvements, new partnerships, and moving into new markets could be triggers, pushing it into a bullish trend. Also, the overall mood and changes in the larger crypto market, new regulations, and big economic factors also help shape Cardano’s path.

Even though past data is useful, it doesn’t always predict the future. The crypto market can be affected by many unpredictable things. So, investors and traders should be careful, do lots of research, and maybe spread their investments to protect against big losses.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

Temitope is a seasoned writer with over four years of experience. He specializes in Web3 and FinTech topics and enjoys creating content in these areas. He holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in Linguistics. When not writing, he trades forex and plays video games.