Hana Gateway Launch: Trustless Crypto-Fiat Transactions with Privacy

Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

No more CEX : the gateway with trustless on/off ramp in a privacy-preserving for the new generation.

Today marks the announcement of the Hana Gateway demo, powered by Hana Network

Hana Gateway, serving as the gateway wallet between crypto and the real world, offers a CeFi-like and self-custodial user experience, complete with trustless on/off ramp, interoperability, and privacy. Additionally, it facilitates Peer-to-Peer transactions between fiat and crypto assets, allowing these exchanges to be realized without the need for an intermediary.

No KYC, Low fees, No fraud. Furthermore, it supports Bitcoin as well.


Hana Gateway demo: https://gateway.hana.network/

※Some features will be updated in the future.

Key features

  • Trustless on/off ramp: By verifying with the help of zk-SNARK, Peer-to-Peer transactions between fiat and crypto assets can be realized without a centralized player. Additionally, any web2 payment services like Wise and Paypal are permissionless integrated while preserving the privacy of transaction details. In the long run, it may make centralized exchanges meaningless. More specifically, using zk-SNARK, Hana Gateway can prove off-chain that the signature in the email is valid and that the data being shared publicly with the smart contract (typically amount and target account number) is also valid. The outcome of this process is a zkp that can be cheaply verified on the smart contract. With this solution, email verification can now be efficiently achieved.
  • Interoperability: the TSS(Threshold Signature Scheme) mechanism enables secure and trustless relay of arbitrary assets across existing chains and Bitcoin.
  • Privacy-preserving: Hana Gateway is one of the use cases of Hana Network. By combining Hana Network in the future, the privacy of transactions and on-off ramp functions will be completed.

The Evolution of Hana Gateway and Network

Hana Gateway is set to undergo various updates for the mainnet, aiming to be a pivotal bridge between the crypto world and the real world. Complementing this, as Layer 0 for Privacy, Hana Network plans to develop not only Hana Gateway but also introduce new use cases like cross-chain swaps, staking, etc., in collaboration with various projects and companies.

About Hana Network

Hana Network is the first privacy layer between Ethereum and Bitcoin, complying with regulations, and enabling on-chain privacy on existing chains and for arbitrary assets. Hana Network was selected for Binance Labs Incubation and won the 2nd prize at the zkday pitch competition in 2023.

For more information, users can visit Hana Network’s: Website | Twitter | Telegram |Medium

Disclaimer: This release is for informational intent only. It isn’t a financial consultation or investment proposition.


Kohei Hanasaka
Corriente Labs FZCO

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