Grayscale Dumps $MATIC for These 2 Cryptos; $SHIB Investors Buying Up This Presale Instead

Grayscale, the prominent asset management firm, has carried out a reassessment of its portfolio selling off its $MATIC holdings. Similarly, $SHIB Army community members are diverting their attention to Galaxy FOX, the token that has been tipped as one of the best crypto investments with the potential to grow over 50x. The $GFOX presale has caught their eye, prompting them to get involved rather than remain on the sidelines. 

Grayscale Reassesses Crypto Funds, Swaps $MATIC for $XRP and $AVAX

Recently, News broke out that Grayscale has reassessed the composition of its Digital Large Cap Fund as part of its regular quarterly review. Notable changes include the addition of $AVAX and $XRP while doing away with its $MATIC holdings. Bitcoin remains the largest chunk of the fund at 69.15%, followed by Ether ($ETH) at 21.90%. Others include Solana ($SOL) at 3.65%, $XRP at 2.54%, Cardano ($ADA) at 1.62%, and Avalanche (AVAX) at 1.14%.  

Viewed from a long-term lens, this shakeup is validated, even though $XRP and $AVAX have fallen by 10% and 11% respectively since January 3. Historically, $XRP has shown potential for recovery. It grew from $0.3068 in January 2023 to a high of $0.9326 in July 2023, marking a 204.01% increase, before settling at approximately $0.7228 by December 2023. Similarly, $AVAX demonstrated resilience, climbing from $9.41 in September to $49.62 in December, realizing a 427.35% growth to close the year on a strong note. 

Periodically, fund managers assess the performance of their funds and adjust allocations to enhance fund performance. They consider the current market dynamics, strategic goals, and risk policies when conducting the periodic fund assessment. 


$SHIB Investors, After Long Anticipation for a Bullish Trend, are Buying $GFOX Presale Instead

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors in Shiba Inu ($SHIB) have eagerly anticipated bullish news from their beloved dog-themed cryptocurrency. Rather, they got exciting news from an unexpected source. Galaxy Fox‘s presale stages have been going much better than anyone had predicted. 

Currently in the sixth round with over 97% of the token allocated for the round already sold. So far Galaxy Fox has sold 2,248,875,021 tokens generating over $2.5 million. This performance has captured the attention of the crypto world, prompting a closer look at Galaxy Fox and the implications of its rapid success.

With 3,000 unique NFTs going to be available for minting on Galaxy Fox, it is crystal clear that this blockchain platform is set to redefine the NFT landscape. These NFTs will be available for minting on their website and for trading on marketplaces such as OpenSea. They depict characters from the Galaxy Fox world, providing a sense of ownership within the growing digital ecosystem.

The $GFOX token has the potential to become one of the most valuable tokens ever with the addition of a deflationary strategy through a token burn process. This increases rarity and value with each burn, making the $GFOX token a compelling investment. 

Furthermore, token holders can earn passive income through staking, benefiting from the rise in token value due to the burn mechanism. The staking program rewards participants with a share from a pool funded by 2% of each transaction’s value. The rewards are  proportionate to the number of tokens owned.


It’s no longer news that Grayscale has reconstituted its Digital Large Cap Fund and replaced $MATIC with $XRP and $AVAX. Meanwhile, members of the $SHIB Army are buying up the $GFOX presale rapidly. Investors are always on the lookout for fresh, exciting projects that align with their investment goals. In $GFOX, they see the best crypto to invest in for potentially outstanding profits.

You can get a limited-time discount of 15% on the Galaxy Fox ecosystem if you buy today. Don’t miss out on this exceptional value – visit their website and join the telegram community to participate in this exclusive deal!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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