Golden Inuverse P2E Game Website Complete & New NFT Character Leaked

Photo caption:  New NFT Character of $Golden Inuverse P2E Game, A Golden Inu of Zyzz Tribe Bloodline

The highly promising cryptocurrency project “Golden Inu” has recently unveiled a series of exciting updates related to its innovative play-to-earn game called “Golden Inuverse.” 

The game, which was announced only a couple of weeks ago, has rapidly garnered a substantial and enthusiastic following. The beta-version subscriptions for Golden Inuverse are being claimed rapidly, showcasing the tremendous demand and anticipation surrounding innovative gaming experiences. 

And today, the project has officially launched the framework to the game’s dedicated website —

This user-friendly platform offers players the opportunity to easily connect their wallets, register, and stay updated with the latest project news. 

Furthermore, participants can conveniently access the game’s rankings and also track their earnings within the immersive gaming experience. 

These new features aim to enhance the overall gameplay and the community surrounding it, and further solidify Golden Inu’s commitment to create a dynamic and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

New NFT Character of $Golden Inuverse P2E Game, A Golden Inu of Zyzz Tribe Bloodline
New NFT Character of $Golden Inuverse P2E Game, A Golden Inu of Zyzz Tribe Bloodline

Exclusive NFT Collection 

An interesting tab in the official $Golden Inuverse website allows visitors to access the “Marketplace” of the game. 

Users can check out and purchase the in-game characters, weapons, and accessories for the $Golden Inuverse in the form of non-fungible tokens.

By implementing NFTs in the game, Golden Inuverse builds a solid foundation of utility to the in-game currency, $GOLDEN, therefore providing a diverse and immersive gaming experience for players. 

The Marketplace section on the official $Golden Inuverse website acts as a hub for users to explore and acquire unique in-game characters in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

These NFT characters possess distinct attributes, rarity levels, and collectible qualities, allowing players to personalize their gaming journeys. 

In order to be one of the first to get a hold of the game — the Golden Inu team suggest that users join the ERC20 presale of the $GOLDEN token. Joining the presale will not only allow users to be one of the first to get a hold of the game’s currency, but also buy one of the most promising tokens with huge earning potentials in 2023’s second semester.

New ‘Zyzz’ Character Leak, NFT Collection Expected Soon

A new image of a new NFT character was leaked on the game’s official subreddit r/GoldenInuverse.  

After the release of the first character a couple of days ago, “Golden Khanate”, this new leak points to a conclusion that the NFT collection to be made available to players, will be quite diverse.

This new NFT appears to be a Golden Inu prototype character inspired by the late bodybuilder & internet personality, “Zyzz.”  This can be concluded because it’s part of the “Zyzz bloodline” or ‘Zyzz Tribe’ of Golden Inu society.  The prototype character has a notoriously muscular physique,  possibly hinting this tribal breed will be Inus of formidable power and athleticism.

As of right now, players eagerly await the official release of the NFT character collection, eager to embark on thrilling adventures and forge their path within the Golden Inuverse.

Gameplay Info — What We Know So Far

Within the Golden Inuverse, players will have the opportunity to select their Inus characters from one of the eleven distinguished tribal  bloodlines. 

While the foundational appearance of the characters remains consistent, each bloodline boasts unique attributes, such as varying eyebrows, eye colors, skin tones, and other distinguishing external features. 

This intricately designed system ensures that players can personalize their Inus characters while maintaining the cohesive aesthetic of the game. 

The introduction of the “Zyzz Bloodline” tribe adds another captivating dimension to the collection, infusing the gameplay with the essence of the legendary internet personality and offering players a chance to embody the strength and charisma synonymous with the Zyzz legacy. 

As the full NFT character collection is eagerly awaited, players can look forward to selecting their Inus characters from the diverse bloodlines, each representing a distinct lineage with its own distinct characteristics and allure within the immersive Golden Inuverse.

And don’t forget, when playing the game to watch out for the rabid Shiba Inu beasts. According to the gaming summary released by the game developers, it has a horrid hopium disease.  

Making a mockery of the $SHIB holders still believing in the ‘stoic quotes’ of Ryoshi and crew, the strong jab adds to the Golden Inu’s reputation as the “Shiba Inu Killer.”

Which Golden Inu Token for the Game?

The $Golden Inuverse will operate purely on the Binance-chain until the token developers finish a cross-chain technology that will cut gas fees of the Ethereum blockchain.

Therefore, it’s the BEP-20 version of the $GOLDEN token that players will need initially to register for the new play-to-earn game.  It’s currently traded via PancakeSwap and requires traders to raise slippage to 7% to buy or sell.  The fees, which are completely reasonable in comparison to potential earnings a gamer can make from P2E gaming, contribute to the Golden Inu token’s overall liquidity pool.  The game will help certify no $Golden token can ever lack funding for traders as what happened with FTX, PEPE, USDT, and other crypto brands that are now bankrupt or needed bailing out.

The second version of the $Golden cryptocurrency, the ERC-20 token now in its final stages of ICO presale [view here], will be integrated into the game later.  And possibly, Ethereum will be taken on second party NFT marketplaces, to purchase in-game characters and accessories.

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