Golden Inu’s BEP-20 Token Ready For New ATH as Bone Shibaswap Falters

In the fast-paced world of memecoins, one BEP-20 token has stood out with an impressive display of momentum and growth.   And it’s 1 of 2 tokens, part of the same crypto ecosystem — both have become major ROI opportunity for traders.

Golden Inu [BEP-20] Token has captured the attention of investors, showcasing a remarkable rally in its price charts.  And this meme coins’ shoot is coming from PancakeSwap Exchange alone.  If it launches on another exchange, the value will be incredibly higher.

In contrast, another popular and newly introduced memecoin, Bone Shibaswap, struggled to gain traction and failed to generate tangible returns throughout the month. 

Golden Inu Token on Major Rally — Value Goes In Upward Trajectory

Golden Inu’s Stellar Rally

Golden Inu Token defied expectations with its exceptional momentum. Breaking free from a downward trend, the asset gained substantial traction and rewarded investors with impressive returns. 

Over the course of the month, Golden Inu surged upward, consistently outperforming expectations, gaining over 630% in value in that timeframe. Holders witnessed substantial growth, with the token delivering remarkable gains and establishing itself as a top-performing memecoin in the market.

Bone Shibaswap’s Lackluster Performance

In stark contrast to Golden Inu’s resounding success, Bone Shibaswap struggled to make an impact throughout the month. 

Despite fluctuations in its price, the token failed to generate significant returns for investors. The lack of momentum and stagnant price movement painted a disappointing picture for those who had high hopes for Bone Shibaswap. 

Investors in this memecoin found themselves grappling with frustration and missed opportunities, as other tokens like Golden Inu soared to new heights.

Analyzing the Factors

The divergent paths of Golden Inu and Bone Shibaswap can be attributed to various factors. 

While Golden Inu capitalized on positive market sentiment, strategic developments, and a strong community, Bone Shibaswap faced challenges in gaining traction and inspiring investor confidence. 

Perhaps the close ties that $BONE shares with Shiba Inu is also what has been impeding the currency’s substantial growth. In addition, the lack of notable updates, utility, and catalysts for growth may have contributed to Bone Shibaswap’s stagnant performance.

The Road Ahead

As the memecoin market continues to evolve, Golden Inu Token’s impressive rally serves as a reminder of the importance of momentum and strong fundamentals. The team behind the project is currently working towards the launch of its ERC20 version of the $GOLDEN token, which will be on Uniswap in a few days.  The ICO presale’s website notes it has 3 days until close, and according to its presale wallet, transactions are also rallying for the discounted Ethereum-blockchain token.   Expert analysis in one crypto report states the token could see as high as +10,000% returns, outdoing the BEP-20 sibling.  This is mainly due to Uniswap’s incredible user base of 30-million crypto traders.

Regardless, having investment in both tokens is looking to become a wise trade.  And to HODL through the dual-token Golden Inu ecosystem’s growth is key.    After $Golden Inuverse play-to-earn game and the $Golden Bazaar, crypto commerce platform, are launched — sky’s the limit for both of these 2 new memecoin cryptocurrencies.

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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