Financial Freedom Is Found Every Bull Market By Those Who Believed In The Bear Market Startups

The path to financial freedom often beckons amid market volatility, where astute investors seize opportunities during bear markets. These savvy individuals recognize the potential of startups and emerging ventures when others may doubt or hesitate due to bear markets. Just as the bear market sets the stage for the bull market’s rise, these discerning investors plant the seeds of financial prosperity, embracing the risk to reap the rewards when the market tides turn.

Why is Crypto Crashing?

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, experienced a significant decline, losing over half its value since its peak in November 2021. This decline had a cascading effect on the entire cryptocurrency market. Many cryptos faced steep declines, surprising investors. The bearish market led to investor withdrawals, and even stablecoins de-pegged.

The crypto market is facing a challenging phase marked by several factors contributing to its downturn. Notably, rising US bond yields, a more hawkish stance from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the SEC crackdown, and a robust US dollar are among the key factors behind this decline. The US 10-year Treasury Note’s surge to 4.31% indicates a shift in investor focus towards safer assets, leaving non-yielding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin struggling. The FOMC’s meeting had a majority of Fed officials expressing concerns about ongoing inflation. An interest rate hike is a historical bearish indicator for the crypto market.

Traditionally, Bitcoin has been viewed as a hedge against inflation, providing a sense of security. However, recent events have shown that high inflation and tighter monetary policies can impact the cryptocurrency market. This highlights the growing influence of external economic factors on the crypto market, indicating its increasing mainstream presence.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): Right Time to Join The Project

BTCS, the innovative cryptocurrency project that has gained attention for its unique features and approach in the crypto arena has an initial coin offering (ICO) running phase six at $2.75 to fund its development and introduce its cryptocurrency to the market. During the ICO, 4 million BTCS tokens are available to investors at specific prices depending on phases, allowing them to support the project and acquire BTCS tokens. As phases progress, prices increase and bonuses reduce. A bonus of 8% at the current phase is available to BTCS holders who also expect a 393% ROI. BTCS Proof of Process (PoP) is a distinctive feature that involves utilizing the processing power of users and contributors to the network. This concept incentivizes users to lend their computational resources to support the network and validate transactions, thereby enhancing network security and efficiency.

BTCS encourages users to contribute their processing power, potentially through mechanisms like GPU rental. This contribution is a fundamental aspect of the network’s operation, as it enhances the network’s security and enables various functionalities.BTCS operates on a multi-layered infrastructure designed to optimize the functioning of the network. The layers comprise Execution, Consensus, Mining, and Rewards layers, each with specific roles and functionalities to ensure a smooth and secure network operation. Miners on the BTCS network are rewarded for their contributions (PoS) and processing power (PoW). These rewards are designed to motivate and incentivize users to actively participate in securing the network and maintaining its operations. BTCS validates and enhances the security of the platform through an audit by a renowned smart contract audit firm.

The ICO serves as a means to fund the project and distribute BTCS tokens to early supporters, while mining rewards provide ongoing incentives for network participants.

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