Fetch.ai (FET) Integrates GraphCast, DEX Screener Now Supports Injective (INJ) — Pullix (PLX) Set to Redefine Trading

It has been an exciting week in the crypto scene, from Fetch.ai (FET) integrating GraphCast to DEX Screener now supporting Injective. Meanwhile, a new entrant, Pullis (PLX), is at the heart of the excitement. This new ICO aims to transform trading by introducing a hybrid exchange. With its adoption imminent, it is perhaps the best cryptocurrency investment currently.

This post will cover these latest developments. Let’s begin.

Injective (INJ): DEX Screener Support

Injective (INJ) has been one of the standout cryptocurrencies this year. On the road to price discovery, it recently soared past $42 on December 20, which is currently its all-time high. 

The Injective price at the time of this writing is $39.7. With further upside anticipated in the future, Injective crypto is one of the best coins to invest in.

In the latest Injective protocol news, DEX Screener now tracks Injective. This update was shared on December 20 and will help improve traders’ experiences. It has been met with huge enthusiasm, creating a buzz on X (formerly Twitter).

Fetch.ai (FET): Integration of GraphCast

Another exciting development in the crypto space involves Fetch.ai (FET). Besides its explosive growth, the tech is growing at a rapid pace. This makes the Fetch.ai coin a good crypto to buy.

On December 19, in the latest Fetch.ai news, the integration of GraphCast, an AI weather forecasting model, was announced via X. Through this, unparalleled weather insights can be gained, which can be accessed through DeltaV. The team maintained that this integration “exemplifies the robustness and adaptability of our AI agent technology.”

At the time of writing, the Fetch.ai price is $0.72. With its traction rising, you can position yourself for profit by accumulating some tokens now.

Pullix (PLX): Transforming the World of Trading

Trading is one of the biggest aspects of crypto. However, the experience has not been ideal, given the shortcomings of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Hoping to offer the best of both worlds is Pullix (PLX).

This new trading exchange aims to bridge the gap between CEX and DEX by standing at the intersection of both. It aims to transform decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing liquidity and security associated with centralized exchanges to the landscape. However, users will retain custody of their assets.

One of the major problems it aims to solve in the DeFi space is liquidity. Its innovative approach to liquidity provision makes it stand out and positions it as the best cryptocurrency investment. What will be its approach to liquidity provision ?

To begin, users will be incentivized to participate in yield farming and staking. By staking the Pullix tokens into the liquidity pool, you will receive a fixed monthly APR of up to 18%. Further, yield farms will enable users to earn $PLX while contributing to liquidity by staking LP tokens. More importantly, the platform will partner with institutional liquidity providers, such as tier-1 banks.

In the third stage of its presale, a token is worth only $0.046. With optimism high around its launch, analysts are anticipating a 55x increase in its value. This makes it the best cryptocurrency investment.


The integration of GraphCast by Fetch.ai shows the team’s dedication to improving its AI technology. Another exciting development in the crypto scene is the support of Injective by DEX Screener. Meanwhile, Pullix is a new innovative project in the crypto space, aiming to redefine trading with its hybrid approach.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: 

Visit Pullix  | Join The Pullix Communities

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