Expert Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach +100k and Altcoins to Surge 100x as Soon as These Happen in the Crypto Market

The crypto markets have been stuck in a prolonged bear market, leaving many traders and investors feeling discouraged. However, analyst Ash Crypto (@Ashcryptoreal) believes several key catalysts could fuel an explosive rally across the crypto sector over the next two years.

Key Supporting Factors

In a recent tweet, Ash outlined why he is ultra bullish on crypto in both the short and long term. He highlighted several key factors that could reignite the crypto bull market and send prices soaring.

Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund

First, Ash pointed to the long-awaited Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that many believe is inevitable at this point. The approval of a Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. would allow mainstream investment funds to gain exposure to BTC easily. This could drive significant retail and institutional capital into the crypto space and push prices higher across the board.

Bitcoin Halving Event

Additionally, the block reward halving for Bitcoin is set to occur in 2024. This periodic reduction in new BTC supply has preceded Bitcoin’s largest historical price increases. With scarcity set to increase while demand rises, Ash sees the macro setup for a 6-figure Bitcoin price over the next two years as very likely.

Trillions In New Capital

More broadly, Ash expects “trillions of dollars” to flow into the crypto industry as adoption accelerates among retail and institutions. Between decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 applications, NFTs, and the metaverse, crypto use cases are expanding rapidly. Ash believes the sheer magnitude of money entering the space could lift the entire market significantly higher.

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Altcoin Boom Ahead

While Bitcoin has potential to reach a $100,000+ price tag, Ash is even more bullish on smaller altcoins with transformational technology and real-world use cases. “Many alts are going to pump 100x,” he predicted in the coming years.

Following Bitcoin’s price action, altcoins historically experience even greater percentage gains during bull market runs. With many quality projects vastly undervalued in the current bear market, Ash sees triple-digit upside as likely once the trend shifts positive.

Key Takeaway

To conclude, Ash offered simple but sage advice to crypto investors feeling fearful about near-term price fluctuations: “Chill out, Hold and be Patient.” With massive growth still ahead, he emphasized perseverance over panicking in response to volatility. By maintaining perspective and sticking to a long-term outlook, Ash believes crypto holders are primed for life-changing gains during the next bull cycle.

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Temitope Olatunji
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