Why Ripple’s Recovery Will Be Faster Than Anticipated, XRP Expected to Rise to This Price Level

Twitter user BarriC, an expert on Ripple and XRP, posted a series of tweets explaining why he believes XRP is poised for major upside in the near future.

Long History of Bank Relationships

As BarriC explained, “Ripple has been working with banks since at least 2016. Those banks have trialled $XRP for cross boarder payments and ODL transactions Focusing on speed, cost effectiveness and easing/ eliminating currency exchange rates.”

He noted that since 2016, many more banks and financial institutions have begun trialing and offering support for XRP, even amid Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. “Even in the midst of the Ripple lawsuit against the SEC, Ripple was building, growing, expanding Focusing on being compliant every step of the way Focusing on building the foundation and infrastructure for #XRP to be the most utilised NEW asset in the UPDATED financial sector.

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Faster Recovery Than Expected

BarriC believes that once the broader crypto market recovers, XRP will see major upside. He highlighted two key price levels that he expects XRP to reach: “It’s 1st ATH from 2018 $3.80 Then it will hit its 2nd ATH that it was deprived of in 2021 due to the #Ripple Lawsuit ($5-$6).”

He concluded, “After $3.80 there is no more ceiling on #XRP Then we will skyrocket.”

Another twitter user, Dark Defender, also outlined a technical analysis predicting XRP reaching between $1.88-$5.85. He noted key resistance and support levels that could trigger XRP’s next rally.

So in sum, multiple experts see significant upside ahead for XRP as both technical and fundamental factors appear primed to drive new all-time highs.

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