Even the die-hard Tron (TRX) supporters are pissed off at Justin Sun because of his latest tweet

Even though we got a lot of hate every time we dare to criticize Tron, we will do it once again in this article. This time it is a bit different, as a big chunk of Tron community will agree with us.

Justin Sun is notorious for mystic, hype-generating tweets about partnerships and collaborations which usually yield little tangible results. This time, the hype king outdone himself by tweeting about 800 million USD of burnt $TRX tokens. It is sensationalist announcement, catches the eye of many but after a closer look you understand that the whole thing is another charade and performance trick by Sun.

Namely, Sun did burn tokens that used to be TRX tokens – back while Tron was on Ethereum blockchain and was just a regular ERC-20 token. However, they moved to their own blockchain, did the swap of ERC-20 tokens to “real” TRX tokens so the ERC-20 are literally useless and worth nothing, just like one of the Twiterattis pointed out.

Even though Sun  was considered a god-like creature for a long time in Tronix communities, it appears that he has gotten on their nerves to. Here is what one of the Redditors had to say about this latest tweet:

“Justin Sun is an asshat…. hes personally ruining his “project” with all these meaningless “announcements of announcements”…. burn the coins the foundation has tied up or simply shut up… im tired of seeing this coin constantly get thrashed and mostly because of his stupid posts.. just venting a bit…”

Have a look at the current Tron price or Tron price prediction for 2019 & 2020.

Another one chipped in with a comment about the huge holdings Sun has:

“Why does Justin have so many ERC20 tokens.? Are we funding his investments? Why has trx been at an average price of .02 for the last year?…… Why all this media hype with no change? An, Announcement for the same announcement, really? Why does he always use the word soon? Fomo? So many questions.”

Hyping a coin is acceptable. Overhyping is not. Sun’s tweets are always about why Tron is better than Ethereum or some other coin out there, saying Tron is faster, has more transactions etc . Not to mention all the “partnerships” that barely are partnerships in fact. The job of a CEO must be to promote and help the coin, the way he’s doing now he is making a pretty huge meme of himself…

Many come to Sun’s defense with an argument of cultural difference – what is acceptable marketing tactic in China, it is looked at as misleading or even borderline scam on the West. That fact might play a small role in the whole story but one thing is absolutely certain: Sun has employed and keeps employing misleading marketing tricks to get people to invest in Tron. If he and his team can deliver at least a part of what is promised, those tactics will be only a “misleading marketing”. But if they don’t deliver on their super ambitious goals – tweets like this can be considered as a pure scamming of people.

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

Phil Traugott is a staff writer at CaptainAltcoin. As a trained marketing specialist for copywriting and creative campaigns, he has been advising top companies on the following topics: online marketing, SEO and software branding for more than 10 years. The topic of crypto currencies is becoming increasingly important for companies and investors and he found it very alluring and fitting for his skillset which prompted him to pivot his career towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  1. It appears that Sun is becoming the Chinese equivalent of Elon Musk; Arrogant brags, unsubstantiated claims, and hype that may or may not exceed the limits of the technology his team is developing. I wish he’d just demonstrate through action and good deal making rather than unverifiable boasts.

    • He wishes he was like Elon Musk – that guy actually has results behind him. Sun has nothing but super hyped project that is used by no-one (some fringe games or similar dapps with less than 1000 users don’t coun).

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