Ethereum Foundation Sells $2.76M $ETH; AI Altcoin Forecasts Stir Excitement


  • Ethereum Foundation sparks interest by selling $2.76 million of Ethereum and converting it to $USDC.
  • InQubeta forecast stirs excitement as prominent figures flock to the platform.
  • InQubeta’s presale is a success driven by innovation and offers potential growth with the $QUBE token. 

The crypto community is abuzz with recent developments sweeping across the crypto space. The Ethereum ($ETH) Foundation, a pivotal player in the blockchain ecosystem, has made headlines by selling $2.76 million worth of $ETH. Meanwhile, the market is buzzing with anticipation and excitement due to bullish forecasts surrounding an AI-focused altcoin, InQubeta ($QUBE).

InQubeta has been making waves with its distinctive vision of connecting AI startups with investors. Through its deflationary mechanism and innovative NFT marketplace, it has disrupted the crypto AI sector, firmly establishing itself as the best crypto to buy for substantial gains in the market. With experts predicting a remarkable 100x increase in portfolio value, investors are eagerly joining the platform and securing their stake in the thriving $QUBE ecosystem.

This article explores the InQubeta forecast amidst the Ethereum Foundation selling $2.76 million worth of $ETH.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Leading the Charge in AI Investment Transformation

InQubeta is revolutionizing how we invest in AI startups by introducing the concept of crypto crowdfunding through its $QUBE tokens. The excitement surrounding analyst forecasts of significant rises before the year ends has caused an influx of prominent players to its platform, cementing it as the best crypto to buy for a portfolio boost. 

The success and excitement regarding InQubeta’s uptrend forecast are evident in its ongoing presale, which has already raised over $3.5 million in funding. The fourth stage of the presale is in full swing, with more than 395 million $QUBE tokens already sold at the presale price of $0.0133. This has attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts and investors, making the $QUBE presale a hotspot for those seeking the best crypto investment opportunities. 

InQubeta, built on the Ethereum blockchain, has created a secure and seamless investment ecosystem that allows fractional investment in AI startups. What sets InQubeta apart as the top crypto to buy in the AI sector is the unique combination of NFTs and fractionalization, making investing accessible to a broader audience while offering the benefits of early backing. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace adds to the enthusiasm of its bullish prediction as a game-changer for AI startups. It allows them to raise funds by offering a reward and equity-based NFTs. Also, $QUBE token holders can seamlessly invest in projects they believe in, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

As a deflationary ERC20 token, InQubeta provides a distinctive opportunity for crypto investors looking for the top crypto to buy to diversify their portfolios. A 2% buy and sell tax contributes to a burning wallet, while a 5% buy and sell tax feeds a dedicated reward pool, allowing $QUBE holders to earn rewards through staking their tokens. It’s an enticing prospect for those who believe in the growth potential of AI technology startups.

$QUBE tokens are integral to InQubeta’s governance. Holders actively participate in decision-making, proposing, discussing, and voting on platform matters. As InQubeta attracts more investors and startups, $QUBE demand is set to increase, potentially boosting its predicted upsurge in value and solidifying its status as the best crypto investment platform for huge returns.

Ethereum Foundation: A Closer Look at the $ETH Sale and $USDC Conversion

The Ethereum Foundation has sold 1,700 of its $ETH holdings priced at $2.76 million, conducting the transaction via Uniswap, with the proceeds converted into the stablecoin $USDC. Scopescan, a well-established figure in blockchain analytics, has verified this development.

The Ethereum Foundation’s motives for swapping $ETH for $USDC remain undisclosed, but potential explanations include a quest for stability. Converting to $USDC, with its 1:1 value with the US Dollar, might serve as a hedge against Ethereum’s price volatility.


As the Ethereum Foundation’s strategic move trends, InQubeta continues transforming the crypto AI industry. The exciting forecasts related to InQubeta are encouraging. The convergence of blockchain technology and AI innovation shapes the future of the cryptocurrency landscape, offering new possibilities for investors, startups, and the AI industry as a whole. Get in on the action in InQubeta’s presale, where you can invest in $QUBE tokens at an advantageous price.

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