Ethereum (ETH) Billionaire Tips Pioneering New DeeStream (DST) Presale As No Brainer, And Warns Off Cardano (ADA)

Cryptocurrencies provide many opportunities to make money, and in some cases, a lot of it. For brilliant investors, it is all about finding the right project with good prospects and investing at the proper time. This strategy of buying low and selling high has paid off in the past and continues to be useful for many investors.

Now, an expert investor who made impressive returns from investing in Ethereum (ETH) is once again recommending this strategy for a new project, DeeStream (DST). They are also advising against investing in Cardano (ADA). We look at how their assets in Ethereum (ETH) could be doing, what could be discouraging about Cardano (ADA) and why DeeStream (DST) could be the next big investment.

Ethereum (ETH) in another fall?

The incredibly popular coin, Ethereum (ETH) reached as high as $2,683 in the first two weeks of the year but hasn’t performed as well since. While it looked to be on the rise and gained over five days, Ethereum (ETH) is once again in decline. It sees a small drop to $2,288 per Ethereum (ETH).

What’s up with Cardano (ADA)?

Experts are still betting against Cardano (ADA), and some of this has been validated with a recent drop. Momentum with Cardano (ADA) was considered unstable as it rose to $0.5322. Now, it is rushing back down, with Cardano (ADA) at $0.4985 at press time.

Experts see potential in DeeStream (DST)

It is not surprising that expert investors are interested in DeeStream (DST). The project offers many benefits that perceptive investors are sure to pick up on. It looks every bit like an excellent opportunity to make good returns by getting into the project early.

Although it is new, DeeStream (DST) is finding its way into many conversations for the best investment in 2024. DeeStream (DST) looks to be the web3 alternative to streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Tik Tok. It copies most of its fundamentals but makes key changes that improve the experience and efficiency of these platforms.

Through crypto payments, DeeStream (DST) reduces the amount of time users have to wait for transactions to be processed. It also allows for lower fees on transactions on the platform. And it also provides even more transparency than other options in the industry. DeeStream (DST) also has rewards for users and unique incentives for streamers.

According to experts, DeeStream (DST) is set up to be very valuable in the future and rise substantially  from its presale price of $0.035 to major status in no time. Its 300 million supply means investors can get much of the token and gives it notable potential. They also find DeeStream’s (DST) rewards for investors, like its revenue sharing for presale holders, to be impressive.

Estimates around DeeStream (DST) say it could rise by 3,500% in under a year. Regardless, it does look to be a good investment, and better for early investors.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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