Elite Analyst Shares Low-Cap AI Cryptocurrency Poised to Become a Billion-Dollar Powerhouse

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is poised for explosive growth, with projections indicating it could become a multi-trillion-dollar market. As investors seek the next industry giant, one project stands out as a potential billion-dollar powerhouse: NeuralAI ($NEURAL).

The Importance of Transparency and Trustworthiness in AI

According to Alex Wacy, in 2023, generative AI technologies have gained significant popularity. However, questions remain about the trustworthiness of AI systems. To develop reliable AI, ensuring the transparency and trustworthiness of data is crucial. This is where blockchain technology comes into play.

The integration of blockchain enables data collection, processing, and the development of more reliable models. It enhances data usability, increases privacy levels, and makes model development transparent and inclusive. Blockchain has the potential to create highly valuable AI solutions for various industries.

NeuralAI: Transforming Text into 3D Models

NeuralAI is an innovative tool that transforms text descriptions into three-dimensional models, building the 3D AI Bittensor Subnet. These models are ready for immediate use in design tools and game engines, accelerating the 3D creation process by automating content generation at scale. NeuralAI eliminates the need for manual modeling or a design team, speeding up project development and significantly reducing costs associated with traditional 3D modeling.

The Text-to-3D dApp is already launched and accessible to anyone holding 2,500 $NEURAL in their wallet. The Image-to-3D feature, set to launch in a few days, will allow users to create full 3D models from any image.

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Reducing Costs and Time in 3D Content Creation

Creating 3D content for augmented reality has traditionally been costly and intricate. NeuralAI aims to eliminate these obstacles by decreasing costs and cutting down on the time required to create 3D models. The primary objective is to connect independent game developers with major studios.

Although still in its BETA stage, the dApp’s creators demonstrate their commitment to delivering a promising product. As the gaming industry continues to expand, projected to hit $282 billion by 2024, NeuralAI is well-positioned to support this growth by streamlining game development for both indie and AAA studios.

3D AI Bittensor Subnet and Roadmap

NeuralAI is developing a subnet for Bittensor to enhance the availability of robust computational resources. The ultimate objective of the TAO subnet is to establish itself as the primary choice for 3D asset generation. NeuralAI aims to become an official TAO Bittensor subnet, initiating a continuous cycle of service enhancements as validators strive to provide optimal solutions.

The project is also developing $TAO miner templates, which users will receive in a convenient plug-and-play format. These templates will simplify the process of participating in TAO mining, allowing users to efficiently contribute to the network’s strength and benefit token holders financially.

The roadmap outlines crucial developments that significantly enhance the project at every stage. A marketplace for Neural 3D assets is on its way, where creators can trade and sell their creations made with the Neural dApps. Additionally, NeuralAI is exploring GPU Streaming, allowing individuals with limited hardware capabilities to rent a powerful GPU for their devices and enjoy high-quality gameplay.

Although recently launched, NeuralAI has already generated over 2,000 models and optimizations in the dApp, gaining considerable popularity in the community. The project stands out in the competitive AI industry for its high-quality working product, impressive roadmap, and favorable tokenomics.

With 75% of tokens already in circulation and the team’s tokens subject to a 3-month cliff and 24-month linear vesting, $NEURAL has the potential to become one of the future unicorns in the AI industry.

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