Elastos (ELA) releases its products list while Augur (REP) market blossoms due to US midterm elections

  • Elastos releases its products list

Elastos Foundation decided to update its community with the current state of their product list.

The list of live products includes projects like Elastos SPV Wallet, Elastos Blockchain Merged Mining, Elastos DID Sidechain Service, Elastos TV Box, and Elastos Dittobox.

As of now, there are several projects currently in beta testing and those are Elastos Blockchain PoW + DPoS, Elastos Token Sidechain Service, Elastos Smart Contract Sidechain Service, Elastos Hive, and Elastos Elapay.

Elastos Trinity, a form of the Elastos virtual machine and a demo of Elastos Runtime where decentralized applications written for Elastos run in a secure sandboxed environment, and Elastos Carrier SDK for Android (Java), iOS (Swift/Objective C), and nodeJS are sitting in alpha. Check out the full product list with descriptions of each of the mentioned products here.

  • Bitfury raises $80 million in a closed funding round

It was recently reported that Bitcoin mining giant Bitfury raised $80 million in a closed funding round.

The funding round was led by Korelya Capital and was later joined by Macquarie Capital, Dentsu Japan, Jabre, Lian Group, Argenthal, Armat Group, Foyer, MACSF, and Galaxy Digital and ITech Capital.

Bryan, Garnier & Co. acted as sole financial advisor and placement agent for the Bitfury Group. Valery Vavilov, Founder and CEO of the Bitfury Group, commented on their inclusion:

“Bryan, Garnier & Co did an outstanding job, demonstrating a deep understanding of our strategy and needs, with a strong control on the transaction process. Most importantly, they constantly provided us with sound advice and showed an indefectible commitment to the success of the transaction.”

The money is expected to be used to support the growth of the company and expand in related market segments as AI.

  • Augur market blossoms due to US midterm elections

Augur, betting platform built on top of Ethereum, has been seeing an uptick of users and bets on the eve of the November 6th US midterm elections.

The market for “Which party will control the House after 2018 U.S. Midterm Election?” currently has $989,339 at stake, easily overtaking the second most valuable “Will price of Ethereum exceed $500 at the end of 2018?” market which “only” has $563,744 at stake.

This rise of bets caused by the mid-terms market has raised the total amount of money staked at Augur to $2,465,978.75. The market started surging on October 22nd and currently gives the Democrats a 75% chance of winning the US House race.

  • Dash text-based crypto payment service enabled in Venezuela

Dash announced a feature called Dash Text in Venezuela.

Dash Text is an SMS-based crypto transaction service which lets Venezuelan users perform crypto transactions without needing to own a smartphone or have access to the internet.

This has been a known pain for the impoverished, underdeveloped communities in the country which has been struggling with the worst economic crisis in its history.

Venezuelan people have been turning to cryptocurrency as a result of the mentioned crisis; however they’ve lacked the proper infrastructure to successfully do so due to a general lack of smartphone or internet distribution.

Dash Text will give users of Movistar and Digitel — Venezuela’s largest telecom providers — a clear access to Dash services via a simple five-digit code. The technology will be built with the help of BlockCypher, a company that specializes in blockchain solutions and blockchain agnostic products that enable users to engage with multiple cryptocurrencies through one platform.

To register on Dash Text, users should send an SMS with the word “DASH” to 22625, followed by another SMS with the word “CREAR,” which will create a Dash wallet for the user. Once this is done, users will be able to send and receive Dash seamlessly via SMS. This should spread DASH adoption among the population of Venezuelans who use non-smart phones or lack reliable internet access.

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