dYdX and Injective rise due to new updates while QUBE presale crosses $6.4M

The cryptocurrency market has been on a bull run, especially after many coins unveiled new futures and interesting upgrades. The speculation about Injective’s Volan upgrade and dYdX’s transition to Cosmos blockchain has turned around the fortunes of these two coins. The two cryptocurrencies have recorded a significant rise in their prices and customer base. 

Another token that has been drawing a lot of attention is InQubeta (QUBE). The crypto project is in the presale stage and its cryptocurrency ICO has already raised $6.4 million. InQubeta has achieved great success, despite being launched recently. The platform has been designed to help startups find investors for their AI-powered projects.

InQubeta: Bringing transparency to crowdfunding

InQubeta is in the race to become one of the best altcoins for 2023. The platform has been well received by AI startups that are looking for an easy-to-use platform for raising funds. The platform has rolled out a native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token which is used for paying for all services offered by InQubeta.

InQubeta runs with clockwork precision due to its transparent model which facilitates seamless interactions between startups and investors. To find an investor, startups have to formulate a rewards or equity-backed offer that is tokenized into an NFT. 

These NFTs stand for the opportunity and incentives investors can access if they invest in the startup project. Investors can compare and purchase these NFTs at InQubeta’s online marketplace with QUBE tokens. These NFTs can be fractionalized for investors. The facility makes it accessible for investors who are sticking to a budget.

The QUBE token shows what DeFi can do when combined with new-age technologies. The token facilitates payments and rewards. It supports the blockchain’s operations through staking. 

Token holders who might not require their tokens anytime soon can lock them and earn rewards. The staked tokens will help to promote the platform’s growth, and their owners will get richer. The staking rewards are given from a pool that’s wholly funded by tax proceeds. 

The protocol implements changes and upgrades regularly to ensure the platform’s optimal growth. These changes can be suggested by community members. When a community member comes up with a suggestion, they are discussed by others and decided through a voting procedure. 

Token holders are invited to vote on whether the suggestions should be implemented. Using their voting privileges, token holders can ensure that only well-defined suggestions are implemented.

dYdX unveils perpetual contracts for Ripple

dYdX is a platform for DeFi trading. The platform is powered by the dYdX blockchain and strives to democratize the DeFi ecosystem. It’s a top crypto to invest in as one can swap 33 cryptocurrencies at affordable rates and with 20x buying power. Its native token DYDX is used to pay for all services available on the platform. 

Margin trading is also supported by the exchange. Cryptocurrency traders utilize leverage in margin trading to increase their exposure to digital assets. On dYdX, perpetual contracts—futures contracts without a set selling date are also available to cryptocurrency users. Users of dYdX can also trade synthetic assets on the platform with up to 20x leverage. 

dYdX recently expanded its offerings to include perpetual contracts for leading cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP).

Liquid staking platform Gryphon goes live on Injective mainnet

There might be several new altcoins rolled out this year but when it comes to building Web 3.0 applications, Injective is among the best in the market. 

It is a quick protocol for developing dApps and expanding the reach of DeFi potential. These decentralized applications are multi-chain compatible and scalable. 

INJ is the native cryptocurrency of Injective and serves as the network’s official means of exchange. The platform is built on the Cosm Wasm smart contract layer which can open the door for creative applications. Auto-executing smart contracts, which help to improve speed and scalability, are provided by the smart contracts layer.

In a recent development, Injective announced the launch of the liquid staking platform Gryphon on the Injective mainnet. Gryphon offers crypto users an integrated money market for earning compound interest on staked assets. 


Decentralized finance is a dynamic sector that is constantly exploring new use cases through innovation. InQubeta, Injective, and dYdX are among the cryptocurrencies that are capitalizing on the advancements in DeFi to boost their outreach. These cryptocurrencies provide users with new opportunities to earn passive income and secure their future. 

InQubeta was launched later than dYdX and Injective, but it is providing them with tough competition. This new cryptocurrency is tapping into the latest technologies like AI and DeFi to fuel a new revolution for retail buyers.

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