Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Eyes A Quick 8% Move As Meme Coin Fever Grips Investors

The staggering growth of meme coins is quite notable. Under the current market conditions, Dogecoin (DOGE) has garnered considerable attention. But, it is the remarkable rise of Meme Moguls that has left investors in awe. The value of its MGLS tokens has already surged by over 30% within initial days.

Dogecoin Sees An Uptick In Adoption

Dogecoin has been riding on a bullish wave for the past many weeks. Consequently, the market value of Dogecoin has increased by more than 9% in the past month. Hence, Dogecoin’s DOGE is currently available to purchase at $0.0919. According to experts, several factors have helped Dogecoin move up on the price chart. Notable among them are the growing adoption of DOGE, and the continued endorsement by Elon Musk.

Reports show that more than 40,000 businesses are currently accepting Dogecoin as a payment method. In fact, Musk-owned companies like Tesla and SpaceX have explicitly been promoting the use of Dogecoin for payments. Besides, some experts strongly believe that X (formerly Twitter) will soon start accepting Dogecoin tokens for payments on its platform. This can significantly increase the trading volume of Dogecoin in the coming days.

Additionally, the data from IntoTheBlock has revealed that the number of large transactions involving Dogecoin has also surged. The on-chain data has also shed positive light on the meme coin. Analysts have pointed out an increase in the network activity for Dogecoin. This suggests that the user base and transaction volumes of Dogecoin will further increase.

Meme Moguls Sees Rapid Growth During Presale 

The latest data from CryptoSlate reveals that the market capitalization of the meme coins sector is more than $24 billion. However, about 80% of the market capitalization is owned by the top five meme coins. Now, a new meme coin, Meme Moguls, is about to challenge this one-sided domination with its real-world utilities.

The new meme coin will be an in-game currency and a governance token for the ecosystem of Meme Moguls. It will be offering users a new game where players can build wealth. The game is based on simulated investing and allows users to compete with their friends in a virtual stock market. This helps players learn new investment strategies, and win meme rewards and cash prizes.

Users can also level up their game skills to achieve the in-game title of ‘mogul.’ This title will enable them to earn a passive income by monetizing their expertise in trading. MGLS will be the native token of the platform, and its owners can stake their tokens to earn extra rewards. Ensuring the stability of the platform, Meme Moguls will have a lock-in period of five years for the liquidity pool and two years for the team tokens.

The project is about to complete the third stage of its presale. At present, an MGLS token is available at $0.0027, while its initial price was just $0.0019. Moreover, its value is projected to skyrocket by about 100x in the first year. Notably, there is no buy or sell tax on the transactions involving MGLS tokens. So, hurry and lock your presale tokens now, and experience the project’s tremendous growth.

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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