“Diamond Hands” Billionaire Investor: Holding Bitcoin for 6 Years and Counting

Veteran investor and billionaire, Bill Miller, known for his sharp acumen and audacious market predictions, has disclosed a substantial Bitcoin bet made six years ago. According to his recent statement, he had invested 1% of his net worth into Bitcoin when the price was around $2,000. As Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed over time, this initial investment now represents an impressive 10-15% of his net worth, a fact highlighted by cryptographer Adam Back in a tweet.

The blockbuster revelation not only emphasizes Miller’s foresight into the potential of Bitcoin, but also serves as a testament to the increasing acceptance and validation of cryptocurrency among renowned traditional investors.

Miller’s Philosophy and Stance on Bitcoin

Miller perceives Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’, viewing it as a bulwark against potential financial catastrophe. By aligning Bitcoin with the well-established concept of gold as a store of wealth, he validates its long-term appeal, particularly during uncertain economic times.

The billionaire is known for distinguishing Bitcoin from other crypto entities like FTX and Celsius Network, referring to it as ‘dramatically different’. He underscores the unique characteristics of Bitcoin, particularly its decentralized nature and limited supply, which he believes make it a more enticing investment compared to other financial products or cryptocurrencies.

Despite the turbulence of the cryptocurrency market, Miller has remained steadfast in his bullish stance on Bitcoin. He deems it a ‘misunderstood’ asset class and has continuously expressed confidence in its long-term potential.

Miller also stood out for his retort to renowned investor Warren Buffett’s criticism of Bitcoin. In response to Buffett’s contention that Bitcoin lacks productivity as an asset, Miller pointed out that the ultimate aim of investing is to generate profit. He argued that productive assets aren’t the sole criterion for measuring value, therefore challenging traditional investing norms.

In essence, Bill Miller’s revelation about his Bitcoin bet and his consistent advocacy for the cryptocurrency adds another chapter to the ongoing narrative of Bitcoin’s ascendance in mainstream finance.

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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