DeeStream Presale Booms Amid Crypto Crash: Zcash & Binance Coin Investors Seek 50X Upside

In the ever-evolving market of cryptocurrencies, many price movements continue to take place among various coins. While Zcash fluctuates within a specific range and Binance Coin attempts to break above its current consolidation, DeeStream emerges as a promising coin that is attracting the attention of many investors.

Moreover, the DeeStream presale booms amid the recent crypto crash, and both Zcash and Binance Coin investors are making moves toward securing their slots in the DeeStream presale while they seek 50X upside. Meanwhile, some analysts predict that the value of DeeStream will skyrocket significantly in the coming months.

Zcash Price Prediction

The price of Zcash is currently fluctuating between $32 and $18 within the past 30 days, having experienced a significant decline of about %15 within the same period. Despite the market capitalization of Zcash increasing by a tiny 0.02%, which takes it to $369.2 million, the 24-hour trading volume of Zcash has declined by over 14%, dropping to $46.6 million. Meanwhile, amid these price movements, some analysts maintain a bullish outlook for Zcash.

Moreover, analysts expect the price of Zcash to rise by about 1.36% and possibly reach $22.75 by May 20, 2024. Moreover, after analyzing the previous movements of Zcash, it is seen that Zcash has recorded only 14 green days out of the past 30 days, which indicates 47%, in addition to a price volatility of 12.19%. Meanwhile, analysts predict that the price of Zcash could climb to as high as $67 in 2025, which would signify a 197% increase.

Important Levels To Watch For Binance Coin

The Binance Coin is currently attempting to break above its consolidation and possibly get toward the $570 zone if the bulls prevail. Although the Binance Coin chart shows a possible uptrend looking to begin, the $530 support zone still holds relevance as the price of Binance Coin could still retest that level before a breakout occurs. Currently trading between $500 and $600, Binance Coin traders expect a breakout soon.

As much as the price of Binance Coin has broken above the downward trendline around the $540 level on the 4-hour chart, some traders still expect a correction below the $550 mark. The price of Binance Coin is currently at $560 per token, and it is facing resistance around this level. If the bulls succeed in pushing the price of Binance Coin above this $560 mark, we could see a potential rally up to the $600 mark.

DeeStream Presale Booms Amid Crypto Crash

Traditional streaming platforms often face issues like streamers being banned for expressing their opinions, delayed withdrawals, and high fees. Leveraging blockchain technology, DeeStream offers secure, transparent, and unalterable transactions, establishing a reliable marketplace for all participants. Currently, in Stage 2 of its presale, DeeStream tokens are available at a price of $0.06, with a total of 6 stages planned.

DeeStream also has over 18,500 registered users and over 3,500 investors. Moreover, investing early in the DeeStream presale not only provides investors with potential gains but also grants them early access to the DeeStream platform’s alpha and beta testing phases. With audit clearance, team tokens locked for 1,000 days and liquidity locked for life, DeeStream prioritizes security and stability.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here

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