Curve Founder Dumping More CRV, DeFi Holders Exit To InQubeta, Joining The Winning Team.

Investors and enthusiasts in decentralized finance (DeFi) are witnessing a momentous event unfold as news of the Curve founder dumping more Curve DAO (CRV) tokens arises. This move by the founder aims to curb his precarious debt crisis, which followed the platform’s hack. Fueled by a desire to explore promising opportunities, many DeFi holders have chosen to exit their Curve protocol positions to embrace InQubeta (QUBE), a rising star in the DeFi landscape.

InQubeta, an up-and-coming project in decentralized finance, is gaining attention for its innovative approach and staking platform. As DeFi enthusiasts pivot their allegiance to QUBE, its community is experiencing a surge in support and participation, solidifying its position as a formidable competitor in the rapidly evolving DeFi ecosystem. As its reputation grows, InQubeta is poised to significantly reshape decentralized finance’s future.

This article explores why DeFi holders flock to InQubeta amidst Curve’s founder’s dump of CRV.

InQubeta’s (QUBE): Revolutionizing AI Startup Funding and Attracting DeFi Holders

InQubeta’s innovative platform revolutionizes AI startup funding and community engagement with its deflationary token, QUBE. The token’s unique staking utility enables investors to earn rewards from the dedicated pool while securing the network and supporting AI technology startups. As the token supply decreases through staking, its value soars, drawing interest from numerous DeFi holders eager to join the meteoric rise of the best crypto investment platform in the AI sector.

InQubeta’s trending NFT marketplace amplifies the excitement surrounding QUBE. This game-changing addition enables investment opportunities to be minted into NFTs and fractionalized, offering investors the flexibility to invest based on their budget while enjoying early backer perks. The NFT marketplace is vital to InQubeta’s unique ecosystem, catering to AI startups and QUBE DeFi token holders.

InQubeta’s DeFi project actively supports AI startups through valuable services. The platform offers mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, providing insights to navigate business challenges. Additionally, InQubeta extends marketing and branding support, granting startups access to a vast network of investors, professionals, and AI enthusiasts across multiple channels. This strategic approach accelerates their growth and fosters success within the AI technology sector.

The presale of the InQubeta DeFi project has sparked a frenzy among DeFi holders, all vying to get their hands on the coveted QUBE token. In stage 2, the presale has already witnessed over 260 million tokens sold, while the QUBE token’s value is presently priced at $0.0098. With over $2 million raised so far, QUBE is swiftly emerging as the best crypto investment, promising potential gains for its investors.

Curve DAO (CRV): Tackling DeFi Debt through Token Liquidation

Curve DAO, a prominent DeFi protocol, offers a seamless platform for accessing liquidity across various cryptocurrencies through automated market makers (AMMs). A recent event has, however, exposed the platform to financial uncertainty. On July 30, Curve experienced a significant exploit, losing over $47 million. The hack targeted stable pools and revealed a vulnerability in the platform’s programming language, Vyper, causing a 19% decline in Curve’s native token, CRV. This security breach raised concerns within the crypto community, jeopardizing over $100 million worth of CRV as attackers could manipulate smart contracts and drain assets from the pools.

Following the hack, Curve founder Michael Egorov faced a DeFi debt crisis, dumping CRV tokens at a discounted rate to tackle his loans. Backed by 427.5 million CRV tokens, the loans amounted to around $100 million across different lending protocols. Despite repaying over $17 million in stablecoin loans, Egorov still carries a significant debt burden, with loans owed at an alarming 85% interest rate. Concerns about the potential risks and consequences of the token sales have led to DeFi holders exiting the platform to explore winning ventures like InQubeta, impacting the overall stability and reputation of Curve DAO.


With the news of the Curve founder dumping more Curve DAO Tokens, InQubeta stands as a bridge between the revolutionary DeFi world and the promising AI technology sector. The convergence of these forces marks a pivotal moment as investors and enthusiasts recognize the transformative potential of InQubeta’s platform, fueling their enthusiasm and commitment to join the winning team. With its trending NFT marketplace and the presale as a golden opportunity, investors can position themselves strategically and capitalize on the project’s potential growth, making it a compelling choice in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

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