Cryptotag Zeus Review – Metal Recovery Seed Backup

Cryptotag Zeus Review – Metal Recovery Seed Backup
Cryptotag Zeus Review – Metal Recovery Seed Backup
Small size and portability
Ability to securely store seed phrases in a well-tested steel

This in-depth review provides an analysis of the Cryptotag Zeus to determine whether it lives up to its producers’ claims.If you’re a serious crypto investor, then you know how important it is to have a secure backup setup for all of your coins.

That’s why Cryptotag Zeus was created — to ensure that your data is safe in case of any unfortunate disaster.

This innovative seed backup plate is made from titanium, and provides an extra layer of protection and security for your crypto funds. It’s easy to use and will provide assurance against unexpected disasters — perfect for serious hodlers who don’t want to risk losing their coins. With Cryptotag Zeus, you can rest assured knowing that your coins are secure.

Cryptotag Zeus
💰 PricingStarter kit with two 24-word seed phrase backups for €169.99, expansion kit with two more plates for €99.99
📦 FeaturesHighly durable titanium construction, non-reusable, compatible with BIP39 standard, easy setup, shipped worldwide within 1-3 business days
🔍 Design and Build QualityAerospace-grade minimalist titanium plates with numbers representing seed phrase, clamps to keep plates united
⚙️ How it Actually WorksUses industry-standard BIP39 to correlate numbers and words, requires writing down seed phrase and its corresponding 4-digit codes on conversion sheet, punching codes in titanium plates
🥇 CompetitionCompetitors include Cryptosteel and Billfodl, both with reusable solutions, but Cryptotag has advantages in avoiding lost tiles and shifting
🤔 Closing ThoughtsCryptotag Zeus offers great value for money and optimal crypto security, but Billfodl is the top choice for stainless steel wallet backups with most protection and reasonable pricing.

The Cryptotag Zeus offers a range of features

Cryptotag is a helpful tool designed to provide users with reliable custody solutions and peace of mind.

Cryptotag seed recovery plates are highly durable and can withstand fires up to 1667°C / 3032°FF, corrosion, erosion and bullets. They are crafted from premium titanium for enhanced security. Setup is easy, with instructions included and a BIP-39 word list in the starter guide. The product is non-reusable and delivery times vary depending on one’s location, but usually within 1 to 3 business days.

Cryptotag is a well-regarded brand for crypto seed backup and recovery solutions. It may have a higher price tag than competitor products; however, being economical does not always equate to cutting corners.

Design and Build Quality

Aerospace-grade titanium plates are designed with minimalism to secure and protect your seed. The Cryptotag logo featuring a bull’s head is printed on the front of each plate.

Clamps are used to keep the two plates of the Cryptotag united. They appear to be made from titanium and are highly resistant to any form of malformation. On the opposite side of the plates is the most critical component – the seed phrase storage. The numbers representing this phrase may be small, but they remain easy to interpret. Thus, although the Cryptotag itself has a diminutive size, the carefully visible numbers make it simple to decipher.

The numbers on the back of the plates are mostly resistant to scratches, but if they are scratched with the center punch, they may start to become slightly faded. It is not likely that these plates will experience heavy wear and tear in regular use.

Cryptotag Zeus
Why it’s not worth it …

  • Easy to make a mistake when punching in your seed phrase, and no way to fix it.
  • Nothing keeps the two metal plates together if the clips loosen over time.
  • No way to rearrange words in your seed phrase or change to a new phrase.
  • The punching tool is majorly flawed, and getting a clean stamp on the metal plate is almost impossible.
  • Cryptotag’s design makes it unsuitable for long-term hodlers concerned about the safety of their funds.

How it Actually Works

Initially, I was curious how the Cryptotag matched words with numbers, given that the Oxford English Dictionary contains an approximated 171,476 terms. Then I realized it was possible due to the BIP39 industry standard.

The Cryptotag Zeus works on the industry-standard BIP 39 system, which establishes a connection between words and numbers. This list contains 2,048 alphabetical words, with each word having a corresponding number in order. For example, ‘abandon’ has the code number 0001 and ‘zoo’ has the code number 2048.

You can find the guide to this system in the setup guide of your Cryptotag Zeus or you can look it up online. Once you have selected your words and numbers according to their relationship, they will be firmly stored in your device. Your Cryptotag Zeus is now ready to use – easy as that!

he BIP39 standard has been used by a lot of wallets, protocols and blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, etc., so if you want to store your seed phrase in a Cryptotag then it’s likely that the words in it correspond to numbers in the BIP39 list.

Using the Cryptotag

To use Cryptotag, you need a crypto wallet. When setting up a wallet, a 24 word seed phrase is given. Write down the seed phrase and its corresponding 4-digit codes on the conversion sheet provided. To make sure that data is properly recorded, check the codes multiple times before punching them in as mistakes can’t be undone!

To begin, use the titanium plates to make four-digit code holes. For example, ‘0001’ is the code for ‘Abandon’ – which includes three zeros before the number 1. Ensure that all necessary zeros are included to ensure clarity when viewing in the future. The end result should be two titanium plate backs that resemble old-fashioned punched cards.

When handling a center punch, keep it at a 90° angle and press firmly. A loud noise will be heard when properly done. Earbuds should be worn while performing this task since the noise can be quite loud. Once all words have been completed, discard the seed phrase by safely and securely destroying it with matches provided.

It took approximately 15 minutes to enter the seed phrase into the plates.

Cryptotag’s Price

When it comes to the pricing of Cryptotag’s Zeus Starter Kit and Expansion Kit, customers can expect to pay €169.99 for the starter kit which offers two 24 word seed phrase wallet backups. The expansion kit, offering two additional plates for extra backups, has a price tag of €99.99.

Though other companies offer similar services at a slightly lower cost (approximately $150), Cryptotag still provides an exceptional option in terms of security and protection for their customers’ cryptocurrencies. Shipping carries an additional fee of €15, although customers may be subject to additional charges depending on their location.

Cryptotag competition

Cryptotag has some competition out on the market, most notably Cryptosteel and Billfodl. Both of these products offer a solution that involves placing tiles with letters in order to store your seed phrase, rather than engraving it onto a plate. If a mistake is made with one of the competitor’s seed phrases, then the tile can be replaced – while Cryptotag would require you to get a new plate instead.

Read also our review of a lesser-known metal backup plate called Blockplate.

Cryptosteel is more suitable for those who wish to use different wallet software, as only the tiles need to be switched out in that case. Cryptosteel has also been tested under extreme conditions and passed with flying colors; however, one potential downside is that there are moving parts which could potentially lead to the loss of those precious tiles.

In an effort to avoid such issues, Cryptotag opted for an engraving system instead – having no movable parts – and only using solid metal plates as opposed to thin ones like their competitors do. While this might not offer quite as much convenience as replacing tiles does, it does ensure that your seed phrase will remain securely stored even under high pressure and other elements making it hard for anyone else access your valuable cryptocurrency holdings.

Cryptotag Zeus

In conclusion, the Cryptotag Zeus is a useful product

Cryptotag Zeus is a premium-tier backup device that offers great value for money. It has a titanium plate, setup tools and clear setup instructions making it an ideal choice for optimal crypto security.

Which of the three options, Billfodl, Cryptosteel, or Cryptotag is most suitable?

The Billfodl is widely regarded as the top choice for stainless steel wallet backups. The Cobo is a cheaper option, whereas the Cryptotag is not as secure and it costs slightly higher than the two predecessors. Ultimately, the Billfodl offers the most protection and reasonable pricing.

8.2 Total Score
Cryptotag Zeus

  • Durability
  • Small size and portability
  • Ability to securely store seed phrases in a well-tested steel
  • Relatively high cost
  • Uninspired design
  • Not suitable for all wallets that use BIP39 seed phrases
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