CryptoGames: A Provably Fair Crypto Casino

Countless online gambling websites have profoundly remodeled their infrastructure by the surge of digital innovation as they transition from physical casinos to online casinos.

Various online and offline casinos have embraced the digital revolution brought by new digital currencies within their platforms, sometimes termed cryptocurrencies. Hence, crypto gambling is now undeniably one of the most exhilarating and rewarding forms of entertainment due to modern crypto-based online casinos.

CryptoGames is a fully crypto-founded casino that particularly attracted crypto gamers’ interest in their advanced infrastructure. In addition to its crypto-based games, it confidently supplies gamblers with trending cryptocurrencies for use.

Any novice gambler gets to use up-to-date gambling features at the casino because of the device-friendly UI. With the provided service by the casino, all players can indulge in modern gaming activities under a safe framework, modern banking infrastructure, and fair regulations. 

Basic Introduction 

A Curacao-based corporation, MuchGaming BV, has designed the casino. CryptoGames has set foot into a new era of online casinos by providing smooth transactions with a diverse range of Cryptocurrencies and new-age games. It offers a small selection of device-friendly games to serve the classic casino experience fully. The website has 10 different cryptocurrencies and has become the first online casino to support Solana for any transactions.

Hence, many newer online gamblers got to understand the thrill of using fast-growing cryptocurrencies like Solana to boost their gambling experience. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Lite, and other exciting cryptocurrencies are available.

All 10 cryptocurrencies have low house edges, making the games more accessible for inexperienced cryptocurrency gamblers. Moreover, all players have to abide by particular policies regarding entertainment and responsible gaming at the casino. Follow the outlined discussion to learn about all the features a player may discover within the casino, including its collection of 10 games.


The crypto version of the popular Dice game is the first game available through the Play Now option on the website’s homepage.

Play Now will direct the players to the game’s main page after clicking on the button, where they will discover a fantastic earning fidelity ranging from 0.000 – 99.999. By following a few simple procedures, the players will also have a chance at winning massive Jackpots. If a player successfully estimates the results of their bets, they will achieve the game’s primary target.

Players get compensated according to the payout multiplier they choose, provided that the dice condition they have selected is indeed correct. Dice also contains the auto bet function and keyboard shortcuts to fasten the gaming experience.


In CryptoGames, European Roulette can be seen on a spinning wheel that is built with 37 numbers and a zero. The game provides an experience of an actual casino with its visually appealing table. European Roulette provides a handsome payout board with a low house edge and a payout table similar to an American Roulette.

If players succeed in landing their ball into a fruitful neighbor bet after spinning the wheel, they easily become the winner of the game. Before turning the wheel, players must decide which numbers on the betting table will show in the results.

Afterward, they can place as many bets as possible according to their preference. The players can also choose one of the four automatic options for placing neighbor bets without confusion.


The Slot is one of the highest-seen casino games where gamblers have the privilege of enjoying a highly lucrative architecture as well as a great possibility of success.

The version served at CryptoGames has 7 possible winning combinations that can show up at the end of a spin. If any combinations come up, the casino instantly compensates the winner. Completing the game with any combos in the middle row will allow the player to achieve the game’s primary objective. The slot machine does not need the player to maintain any specific sequence for the combinations as long as they all line up in the middle row.

The game involves an auto bet feature, and the payout multiplier amount for each combination will be different.


Blackjack is now available in a crypto version that features a modern outlook, and necessary components.

The game is suitable and enjoyable for any novice player. The concept of this game has evolved from the classic edition which card lovers widely recognize as 21. The players choose one of the four moves (Deal, Split, Double Down, and Surrender) to produce the best hand possible without exceeding the total amount of 21.

Beginners will enjoy the crypto form of the game because they can build up their card game skills with the help of the instructions and Play Money. After practicing with the play money they can build their strategies to avoid crossing 21 points. If they are lucky enough then they can even aim to win precisely 21 points from their first two cards. The game will be terminated instantly if anyone surpasses the total point and the winner will be compensated.


CryptoGames ensures that their digital version of the iconic televised game of Plinko visualizes the charm of the 80s version through its modern architecture.

Players in the digital crypto version of Plinko can choose any one from four different colored balls, each with a distinct house edge. The game is played on a 4-colored, pegged pyramid, precisely the way it was designed in the show, The Price is Right.

The four shades of pegs indicate the balls’ respective colors and also present their different payout multipliers. This further signifies that once the player picks any color, it will only reach the slot representing their shades. At the bottom of the pyramid, the final payout slot is located, where the thrown ball must land to compensate the player for the win. The payout table and house edges will determine the end amount upon win. 

Video Poker

Video poker seems to be another card game that is a top pick for digital crypto gamblers. Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better are the three highly lucrative options players can engage themselves with at CryptoGames.

Each option also has its house edge and payout percentage, providing a player a new take on poker gaming experiences. Players can accomplish the game’s primary goal if they successfully form hands with 5 winning cards. After each deal, they can choose to hold or keep any cards or deal directly without holding any cards.

The game includes comprehensive instruction regarding the value of each card and a payout table for easier understanding. It can also be helpful to try different strategies by enabling the auto or intelligent hold system that gamers can use to choose what card combinations to keep or discard automatically. 


The original dice game is remodeled in DiceV2 with a completely new upgrade that is available with a more digital design in the casino.

There is an auto bet function, keyboard shortcuts, and progressive jackpots in this latest version. The game’s new concept adopts a more modern approach visually while maintaining the primary goal similar to the original version.

DiceV2 can be won by making accurate predictions. The players can make sure of the unique slider bar to monitor and modify the bet as well as their winning chances. Here, if the player’s bet prediction is correct, their dice will roll into the green zone marked on the bar or else it will end up rolling outside. Players will have to roll the dice again if a loss occurs for a new setting. 


The crypto-themed puzzle game comes in with flexible rules and hefty rewards. Minesweeper gamers have complete control over the levels of difficulty they face in each minefield. The most challenging level is played with just one mine.

The game’s ultimate purpose is to clear a 5*5 minefield to receive the full reward at the end. However, as long as no mines are stuck, players can retrieve their obtained reward amounts at any time during the game.

The trick of the game leaves no room for errors with no hints. This means the players will automatically lose the game if any mines are hit at any time. With its appealing design, Minesweeper is simple to learn and relatively easy to excel at. Gamers can attempt as many prizes as possible and cash out once they reach the targeted number.

This will assist them in slowly but eventually increasing their earnings.


Lottery ticket drawing is one of the most common and popular gambling games. Although the game has gone through a series of innovations significantly over the years, players can find the most recent versions to include cryptocurrencies.

The lottery is one of the games where players can easily gamble for lucrative amounts of cryptocurrencies. The casino offers the concept of the original Lottery game with 0 house edge. The game’s main objective is achieved when your lot or a lottery ticket is drawn in the weekly draw. Players can own multiple tickets according to the quantity still available per week.

Each draw can elect three winners, and the prize money earned from ticket sales will be fully distributed to the winners. Compared to the other games, CryptoGames lets players use Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.


For fans of Lottery, the absolute classic Keno has made its way to CryptoGames to add greater excitement for the players. Keno is introduced to the players as it has a similar objective as Lottery. In the game’s objective, players must draw numbers to predict as the final result.

They predict the 10 numbers (or less) drawn from a pool of 40. The final payout amount will depend on the numbers they choose. Players can click on any numbers they think will come up at the end. They can also select the numbered squares randomly with the unique automatic feature, Random Field. After choosing their desired squares they can “Start” the game.

If their prediction matches the results then the numbers picked correctly will be revealed with a CryptoGames symbol and unselected winning squares will be shown as an X symbol. 

Supported Cryptocurrencies for Deposit and Withdarwals:

CryptoGames provides users with ten crypto coins with different exchange rates for convenience and efficiency. Before the games start, players must turn their preferred cryptocurrencies into credits and trade them using standard or digital procedures.

On the game pages, all credit exchange rates are available and are updated every 10 minutes. Apart from the game Lottery, all other game activities can use all 10 cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash are the casino’s well-known crypto coins that fully registered players get to use Cryptocurrencies and the transactions facilities.

Facilities for Smooth Transactions

Along with the numerous cryptocurrencies, the hassle-free transaction system featured by CryptoGames incorporates a variety of deposit, withdrawal, and exchange methods.

Players can conduct all transactions using two techniques. The two methods are traditional and digital. CryptoGames incorporated Onramper and ChangeNow for users in digital systems for faster deposits and exchanges.

Onramper is a third-party fiat currency depositor that lets users deposit funds through a protected credit card process. On the platform, gamers will find many fiat currencies to deposit. However, they can only enable this for BTC and Ethereum on board. With the help of ChangeNow, players may use a cryptocurrency unlisted at the casino, by trading them for the listed ones at CryptoGames.

Furthermore, all players have permission to use the standard / traditional transaction procedures to deposit, withdraw, and exchange the listed Cryptocurrencies. The traditional method may take much more time for transactions depending on the system and server time.

Players can use the standard methods by creating separate deposit and withdrawal addresses from the Your Account tab. The casino’s FAQ section includes a list of available e-wallets that they may put to use. The digital system is now known as a more convenient and straightforward technique. The systems can be easily enabled if the users abide by the protocols listed on their websites. 

Quickest Ways to Sign Up

Unlike any other online crypto casinos, CryptoGames allows users to explore 9 of its games without providing personal information or crypto funds. New users can browse the casino by creating their account with a user in the most uncomplicated Sign-up process.

To make an account, players only submit their unique username. Then, after being fully registered users, players can explore the casino as much as they please using the casino’s in-house currency, Play Money, and their crypto funds. They can get an overview of all the games right after they enter a username and accept all terms and conditions.

After understanding the systems, a player can pick whether or not to disclose additional information required to begin officially gambling at the casino. Basic registration can need a couple of minutes to complete.

Remain Protected with Modern Safety 

Due to the prominent fraudulent activities or policies that cautious gamblers can detect all over the internet, many gamblers hesitate to engage in online gambling. The casinos with wear security provide no certainty that customer data is protected. As a result, crypto gamblers cannot rely on the systems to start gambling with peace.

Hence, CryptoGames prioritizes the privacy and safety of all its players by enabling various tight security procedures and regulations for anyone. It has an advanced two-factor authentication system enabled through the Google 2FA app and SSL encryption architecture. The two-factor authentication method prevents rewards from being withdrawn without the player’s consent.

This ensures that the casino will instantly inform all players, even if someone tries to withdraw funds from the rewards. The email verification system is another protection method that helps the players to keep a tab on all the withdrawals by verifying the requests. 

Keep Up with the Events and Rewards

While maintaining a highly engaging atmosphere at any web-based casino can be challenging for many, CryptoGames takes its entertainment level further by hosting outstanding competitive events for players. The monthly events compensate talented betters with privileges like VIP memberships and monthly benefits for VIP winners. CryptoGames monthly events maintain the thrill and excitement at the casino all year round. This further implies that every month there is an open chance to win VIP memberships where they can receive the privileges listed below:

· Dice players can find the house of 0.8% on all the bets.

· There will be no server delays for all VIP players for the entire month, regardless of how big or small their bets are. So they can place their bets without any worry. 

· players can exchange cryptocurrencies with better and increased exchange limitations.

· Members-only access to the chatroom, where all VIP members can interact with casino executives.

· VIP members receive monthly coupons with great benefits.

Including the casino’s aforesaid event components, there are excellent user reward programs that players can enjoy through the faucet and referral systems. From the outset of their account set up, Faucet rewards players with Play Money.

Depending on the player level, it progressively increases the number of requests. The players can ask for a specific sum of Play Money to begin playing the games instantly after signing up. Referral events, on the other hand, will reward players with 15% of the house edge on every bet put by players who activated their referral links.

If a player shares the referral links with their friends or any other gambler, they will receive 15% of the house edge, which is one of the most flexible sides of the casino for anyone seeking referral programs. 

New Look of Crypto Gambling at CryptoGames

At CryptoGames, the rewards and game collections are all unique and modern to ensure a secure gambling experience for everyone. The casino always remains more concerned with prioritizing and promoting safe gambling policies rather than meaninglessly increasing their earnings. As a result, CryptoGames strives for fair regulations in all of its games.

The casino guarantees ultimate transparency to the participants by giving them access to examining all of their bet results shortly after they get the result. They ensure no room for malpractice while bets are entered or processed. The casino’s responsible gaming policy also provides comprehensive information on how to avoid any form of addiction.

Upon any rise of any circumstance like that, they can seek professional assistance at any moment by calling the helplines listed in the Responsible Gaming tab. Every feature of the casino, big or small, has been designed with high efficiency to raise the curiosity of enthusiastic gamblers. By taking care of the minor elements first, the casino is focusing on bringing a change in the gambling sector. For every potential thrill seeker, the casino has developed a system that shows the vast world of crypto entertainment.

There is an endless supply of excitement that players can find in the most uncomplicated games. 

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