Crypto winter is here: Believers snatching cheap BTC, XRP shivers at the mention of the word security, ETH is pestered by TRX and BCH and LTC are still bewildered to be alive

It gets dark earlier and it slowly gets colder. Crypto winter is here! What are the current prices of crypto currencies?

The Bitcoin price is still declining

Bitcoin: The dive continues. At the time of writing, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates around the $3400 mark. This is a decrease of 14.4 percent compared to last week. True believers are happy to snatch some cheap bitcoins, haters are happy and doing victory laps while singing “I told you so” and the weak hands are just confused and angry at BTC because they planned to drive a lambo by the EOY. They did, after all, invest $1000 in BTC last year, why aren’t they filthy rich already?

The XRP (Ripple) dropped by more than a quarter.
It’s also not a good week for XRP. The coin fell 27 percent and is now worth 30 cents. It used to be more resilient while others were freefalling but most disputed cryptocurrency in the whole industry is giving in in the last weeks and records similar drops to its closest competitors. The “is it security” dilemma is always near to reach boiling point and whenever someone feels bored on crypto Twitter, he decides to ignite this topic and here come the butterflies from both sides, drawn to the light of the bright shining XRP security pickle.

Ether price under 100 dollars
Last week we wrote that the Ethereum price is well below $100 at $94. But in Crypto time goes fast: The Ether price has dropped by 22.8 percent. It keeps getting pestered by the cheap and tacky marketing tricks from Justin Sun and TRX camp, latest attack being poaching ETH developers to come and work on Tron blockchain.

New chapter in Bitcoin Cash history, double digits here we come.With Bitcoin Cash it’s never boring. Bitcoin Cash (ABC) leads to a sharp drop in prices due to new developments. Today, the Bitcoin Cash price has fallen by 15 percent. Compared to last week, the crypto currency lost 38 percent in value. BCH community is the root of tribalism in crypto world – their communities got even more toxic since the last fork and inception of BCH SV. They always seem to have conspiracy theory at hand, just in case someone tries to put forth a critical argument of their fake bitcoin.

The value of Litecoin also decreases

Litecoin falls this week by 21.2 percent, now it is worth $25. This means that the price of Litecoin is at the level of June 2017. Litecoin is struggling to justify its existence and it is about time it bleeds out.

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Damian Booker
Damian Booker

First thing to know about Damian is - he HATES shitcoins and has declared a war on them! Damian is a bitcoin hodler since early 2013. He used to mine Ethereum back in the day as well. Nowadays he likes to discuss bitcoin and its potential influence on the society organisation and governance. Damian hates fraudulent projects and his mission is to shed light on the maggoty scammers that have invaded the crypto space with their zero-value projects.

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