Crypto Whales are Rushing to Buy This New Cryptocurrency as It Raises $23 Million – Could it 10x?

One of the most prominent signs of a successful project is a sudden rush of whales entering the project as they look to get invested before the herd catches on.

Typically, markets are primarily dictated by whales swimming in and out of the market with huge funds.

If a whale enters a project, it indicates a sudden giant swing upward is imminent – causing retail traders to experience FOMO and jump onboard.

Conversely, when a whale exits a market, it usually sends shockwaves of uncertainty through the community – causing retail to follow suit and sell.

Crypto whales always search for the next best low-cap gem to invest huge sums and profit from the considerable gains. They don’t take enormous risks for no reason; there’s always something causing them to get positioned.

One project that’s starting to gain the attraction of whales is Wall Street Memes ($WSM), which recently crossed an astonishing $23 million fundraising milestone as whales rush to buy the newly emerging cryptocurrency, believing it can provide a secure 10x return.

Whales Can’t Get Enough Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

It seems that whales can’t get enough of Wall Street Memes ($WSM) as they start to experience the FOMO in the final stages of the presale, causing them to invest huge sums before the presale allocation runs out.

The sudden rush of whale investment has caused Wall Street Memes ($WSM) to surge past the $23 million milestone, pushing the presale into its final stages before its hugely anticipated launch.

For example, one whale recently bought over $850,000 worth of $WSM as he swapped 460 $ETH in one purchase;

Wall Street Memes is a new meme coin that seeks to make a mockery of the greedy capitalists on Wall Street and expose the traditional financial system through a series of memes on social media.

The memes posted have become so popular that they’re generating over 40 million impressions on Twitter, making the profile the go-to source for trading and finance-related memes.

The extraordinary hype behind the project has made Wall Street Memes the fastest-growing meme coin presale in 2023 as it sets the foundations to become the next meme coin sensation capable of providing beyond 10x returns.

Why Are Whales Rushing to $WSM?

Whales are rushing to get positioned in Wall Street Memes as they believe it can provide substantial returns quickly as the presale approaches its final stages.

They’re attracted to the project due to its ability to attract a colossal cult-like following, meme-based humor, and ability to attract the attention of high-profile figureheads like Elon Musk.

The popularity of the memes has allowed Wall Street Memes to cultivate an enormous community of over 1 million followers on social media.

This colossal following has whales believing that $WSM is guaranteed a major tier-1 exchange listing as soon as it launches.

They believe that exchanges like Binance and OKX would rush to list the token to take advantage of the vast trading volume generated by the community.

Furthermore, whales are rushing to get invested due to the attention Wall Street Memes received from Elon Musk – the CEO of Twitter.

The tech mogul has been seen commenting on the memes posted by Wall Street Memes on several occasions, fuelling speculation regarding his involvement in the project;

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href=””>April 22, 2023

In addition, whales are rushing to the project due to the favorable tokenomics structure – making $WSM entirely community driven.

Instead of allocating team tokens, $WSM is selling 50% of the total 2 billion supply in the presale – with the other half reserved for adding liquidity to exchanges and providing community rewards.

This tokenomics structure ensures that whales won’t have to worry about the team ‘rugging’ the project and dumping their tokens on the market.

These are the primary reasons why experts across the industry believe that $WSM will be at the forefront of the next bull run – causing a slew of whales to get positioned before the presale ends;

Overall, Wall Street Memes has created the perfect balance of hype and FOMO through its fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance.

With the presales in the final stages, investors are encouraged to get positioned as soon as possible or face the pain of paying higher prices for $WSM when the token launches on tier-1 exchanges and starts to skyrocket.

Buy WSM Today.

What Other Tokens Can Surge Alongside $WSM?

It’s not just Wall Street Memes that’s attracting the attention of whales as a series of low-cap gems start to gain whale-like investment.

In particular, yPredict ($YPRED) and XRP20 ($XRP20) are two other projects gaining momentum as whales start to get positioned in these projects as they seek outsized returns from lower capital investments.

yPredict Positioned at the Forefront of the Next AI Revolution

yPredict is one token that whales are rushing to due to its enormous level of utility – turning it into a long-term investment.

The presale is generating increased momentum in its final stages as it quickly approaches the $3.5 million fundraising milestone.

yPredict is an artificial intelligence-based ecosystem designed to help traders become consistently profitable.

However, the scope of its AI applications expands beyond trading as it looks to overhaul the SEO and content editing niches.

Whales are rushing to the project as the $YPRED token is integrated into every product within the ecosystem – providing immense utility.

Its next-generation AI provides traders with research and analysis from data-driven insights to help them make better trading decisions.

The project provides state-of-art financial prediction models and cutting-edge trading and research tools for the trading community.

Its flagship feature is the yPredict Marketplace, which allows AI/ML developers to list their own financial prediction models in a results-as-a-service economy.

Traders can browse for a prediction model that suits their trading style and subscribe to it monthly using the $YPRED tokens as payment.

The yPredict Analytics product also helps traders by providing alerts of emerging trends and imminent breakout patterns through a new breed of trading tools powered by AI.

Traders will need to stake $YPRED tokens to access this feature.

In addition, the yPredict Backlink Estimator tool allows SEO experts to predict backlink count and authority metrics to increase website traffic, and the yPredict Editor helps editors to streamline their workflow.

As you can see, the yPredict ecosystem is genuinely expansive, so whales are rushing to the project as they expect 10x returns.

With the presale in its final stages, investors will need to be quick to get positioned at the low prices before it hits exchanges.

Buy YPRED Today

XRP20 is Bringing Legacy XRP Into a New Era

The final token that whales are rushing to is XRP20 – a project described as the second coming of XRP as it looks to bring a new version of the asset onto the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

XRP20 is tapping into the “Meta 2.0 Version” trend, which has created a handful of millionaires over the past few weeks.

The project intends to reignite the passion of the Ripple Army by providing cutting-edge features for holders, such as stake-to-earn and burning.

Whales have started to rush to get positioned in this project, causing it to raise almost $2 million in just one week.

With a $3.68 million hard cap, this presale isn’t expected to be active for much longer, so you’ll need to be quick to get positioned at presale prices.

The tokenomics of XRP20 pay homage to the original $XRP with a 100 billion supply.

Of which, 40% is sold in the presale at a price of $0.000092, 40% is reserved for staking rewards, 10% for burning, and 10% for liquidity.

The stake-to-earn feature provides a unique utility for the token, allowing holders to lock their tokens away on-chain for passive rewards.

In addition, the burning mechanism will see 0.1% of every buy and sell transaction being sent to a burn address – removing it from circulation.

As a result, experts believe this will create a supply shock on the open market as XRP20 will continue to be more scarce over time.

Overall, XRP20 is a fantastic low-cap opportunity capable of relatively quick 10x returns by tapping into the legacy of XRP and bringing it into a new era.

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