Crypto Influencer Shares Insights on SAY, TIA and Profit-Taking Lessons Learned from SOL

In her latest YouTube video, crypto influencer Lady Crypto shares lessons from her top altcoin holdings over the past few months. She discusses the importance of conviction, risk management through profit taking, and carefully planning for altcoin releases.

First up, Lady Crypto highlights SAY token as an example of maintaining conviction despite FUD. SAY had a typical pump and dump on release day, finding a bottom price afterwards. Many called it a dead project, but Lady Crypto focused on one metric – whether the team was still building and updating. Seeing continuous progress, she accumulated more at the bottom and ended up with a 7-8X gain as SAY pumped to 80 cents. The key takeaway is having faith in a project if the fundamentals remain strong, ignoring short-term noise.

She then explains taking profits on SOL, which outperformed her portfolio by 12X. With SOL making up 40% of her total holdings due to gains, Lady Crypto faced enormous risk if it crashed. Cryptos that pump early often slow later in bull runs too. To reduce concentration, she sold SOL near the top and redistributed profits among other options like SAY before its 60% rise. The lesson is rebalancing gains from big winners into untouched opportunities.

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When it comes to TIA, Lady Crypto missed its launch date and had to purchase in at a 3X higher price than others due to lack of reminder alerts. While still up on her investment, she could have gained 8X had she better planned. Setting calendar reminders for projects on one’s watch list is crucial to maximizing gains from new releases. She intends to stake and hold Tia long-term.

Savam faced extreme FUD, though Lady Crypto continued advising as a translator between the team and community. On launch, she went to sleep with 100X gains but knows to take profit in such scenarios due to crypto’s volatility. Competitors target huge successes, so prudent risk management is key.

Lady Crypto’s special announcement is that she will launch exclusive paid membership tiers on YouTube with bonus perks like a private channel and portfolio notifications. For detailed updates on her top altcoin plays and lessons in conviction, planning, and mitigating risk through profit-taking, be sure to follow Lady Crypto on YouTube or join her upcoming membership program. Prudent strategies can make the difference between 3X and 8X gains.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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