Crypto Analyst Dark Defender Remains Bullish on Ripple, Meme Moguls Launch $10,000 Giveaway, Bonk Scores Major Listing

Dark Defender, a prominent crypto analyst, has maintained a bullish stance on Ripple despite its stagnant price. In another development, a top ICO Meme Moguls has launched a $10,000 giveaway that has captured the attention of the crypto community. Meanwhile, Bonk has scored a new exchange listing.

Ripple (XRP) Will Still Soar, Dark Defender Says

In his latest Ripple report on X, market expert Dark Defender has addressed the FUD about Ripple’s price changes. He reaffirmed his belief that the token would reach $5.85. Dark Defender stated, “I don’t listen to FUD.” He drew attention to his earlier Ripple analyses, noting that the cryptocurrency is still on track.

Unfortunately, Ripple’s poor price performance in recent weeks has put investors in doubt. Dark Defender also pointed out an essential orange descending trendline that has been restraining Ripple growth since June. 

He believes that once Ripple’s price breaks above this trendline and overcomes the significant resistance level at $0.6649, it will start to see an upward trend.

Bonk (BONK) Listed On Pintu Exchange 

On Thursday, Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange Pintu announced its plan to list three popular meme coins. They include Bonk (BONK), Shiba Inu, and Pepe Coin. Meanwhile, exchange listings have been responsible for Bonk’s bullish price movement in the past few months. 

Crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance have listed Bonk on their platforms. Besides, Binance recently added the memecoin to its Margin trading option. Currently, Bonk’s price has skyrocketed over 21,000% from its all-time low of $0.00000009197 in December 2022.

The token trades between $0.00001450 and $0.00003286 and could see more gains in the future. Analysts see the DeFi crypto riding the bullish wave to $ 0.00003819 in the coming months.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Excites Community With $10,000 Giveaway 

Meme Moguls (MGLS) has launched the #MemeMoguls Community Mega Giveaway Event. The winner of the event goes home with $10,000 in MGLS tokens. To learn about the game and how to compete, visit the platform’s Twitter page. Apart from the giveaway, this top ICO brings other features and benefits to the table.

Meme Moguls offers a lively and fun platform where meme enthusiasts and gamers can come together and interact. This brings us to the “wealth leaderboard.” The platform rewards the top 20 players with a portion of the daily earnings of the platform in the form of cash prizes.

By so doing, it promotes a friendly, competitive atmosphere. To climb up the leaderboard, players can enter contests and tournaments. Another feature to look out for is “Mogul Land.” This is a virtual world where users can mine tokens, stake them, and socialize.

As a result, Meme Moguls has become the best crypto to buy for those seeking to earn while playing games. The platform also hosts trading tournaments, both free and with entry fees. Players can compete for rewards and unique meme collectibles.

Additionally, Meme Moguls has an in-game marketplace. Here, users can purchase gaming items or trade them for cash. The platform’s DeFi crypto, currently valued at just $0.0025, shows promise for 20x gains in the future.


While Ripple and Bonk could see more developments and price growth in the future, analysts have dubbed Meme Moguls the best crypto to buy. Unlike Bonk, a memecoin, Meme Moguls has utility and a comprehensive ecosystem.

As for Ripple, its price movement is stale at the moment. Investors can diversify to Meme Moguls for more gains. 

Learn more about the $MGLS here:

Visit Meme Moguls | Join the Community

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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