Crypto Casino: 4 Tips For Playing Live Casino With Crypto

While there have been numerous trends over the past few years, cryptocurrency and live casinos are perhaps the most long-lived among them. Hence, it came as no surprise when the live casino industry came to adopt crypto and vice versa. But while both niches offer several perks to those who participate in the trend, it can be challenging to get the best out of both.

To start with, live casinos are designed to favor the house over the player, resulting in lower win rates. Moreover, the crypto market is highly unpredictable, compared with other financial markets.

It is, however, not at all impossible, as is shown by news of people earning a fortune from crypto gambling. If you want to be even half as successful as these individuals, these tips should help. 

Take your time selecting a platform 

Before you can play any live casino game, you must first register an account on a platform. While most platforms have similar structures, they will naturally have varying levels of security, support, and reputation. That’s why rather than choosing just about any platform, it would be best if you take your time selecting a live casino provider that has adopted cryptocurrency. (1) 

As a player, you’d want to choose a platform that’s the best of the best. But as everyone has an opinion, it can be challenging to find an objectively good platform. 

In that regard, here’s what you need to consider when deciding on a live casino provider: 

  • Game Selection: First, ensure the live casino platform offers the games you want to play. Stake’s online casino uses crypto, for example. It has over 50 games under the “Live Casino” category, which may vary dependent on the available region, which should be plenty. 
  • Terms and Conditions: It’s no secret that specific gambling sites only aim to milk every dime from their customers. Unfortunately, victims of such schemes cannot complain about the service provider as they have agreed to the provider’s terms and conditions the moment they start to play on the site. That’s why you must read the terms and conditions carefully before you deposit into your live casino account. 
  • Security: Since there’s always a possibility of getting your crypto stolen by a third-party, you’d want to use a platform with top-notch security. Though there are several parameters to determine excellent security, a good benchmark would be when the platform has only a few negative reviews and displays their license and origins to the public.
  • Device Compatibility: Some crypto live casino platforms are accessible only on desktop and not mobile. While it’s understandable because most platforms use desktop apps, it would still be advisable to choose platforms that are accessible via mobile apps. This gives you more opportunities to play live casinos and earn with crypto. 


Deposit crypto you’re comfortable losing 

A common rule in the gambling world is that you must only bet what you’re comfortable losing. 

Unfortunately, while some people follow this rule strictly, others are more prone to temptations and end up betting the rest of their deposit. That’s why rather than limiting your bets, you should limit your deposits instead. It may be quick, but depositing still takes a few minutes of your time. 

If you only deposit crypto you’re comfortable losing, once you actually lose them all, you may not have the energy to go through the deposit transaction, thereby saving you from more losses. 

Take advantage of the platform’s bonuses 

If you intend to play live casino with crypto on Stake, for example, you should be able to enjoy some deposit bonuses, which vary by region and participating affiliate offers. Keep in mind that specific platforms accept crypto as your currency for betting, but not as a way to claim the bonuses. Stake and similar providers should increase your deposit with crypto, however. (2) 

Most service providers advertise this type of promo to people who are registering for the first time. Apart from the standard deposit bonus that most platforms use, you may also find affiliate providers that deposit a flat amount of funds to your live casino account if you use a specific code.

This is a bit harder to find as providers don’t usually give the code to first-time users. You have to look for its users, be it through articles, live casino reviews, and other sources. (2) 

Have a fast internet connection 

The first three tips are mainly to prepare you for the actual game. Because there are numerous types of live casino games, it can be challenging to find a fool-proof strategy to win the game. However, one universal rule when playing live casino with crypto is that you must have a relatively fast and stable internet connection. A good baseline is 100mbps. You might ask why. 

When playing live casinos, the dealers would stream the games. If you’re familiar with streaming, you should know that there tends to be lag or delay during the stream or broadcast. 

Of course, this can affect your gameplay and may even cost you a game that you could’ve easily won. As you wouldn’t want that to happen frequently when playing with crypto on the line, you must always ensure you have a fast internet connection before playing. 

Closing thoughts 

Live casinos may be profitable, but it takes time and practice to actually get used to the games. It becomes even harder if you delve into a more specialized niche in the industry, specifically, crypto live casinos. However, keep in mind that much like there’s a possibility to earn a fortune, it’s also possible to lose a lot of money from these games. Hence, you must practice caution.


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