Cosmos (ATOM) and Chainlink (LINK) Investors Shift Focus to a Newly Rising Cryptocurrency (ATOM, LINK, $ROE)

While Cosmos ($ATOM) endorsed a proposal to cut the annual inflation rate, Chainlink’s ($LINK) data feeds go live on Polygon zkEVM. However, investors are flocking from $ATOM and $LINK to one of the best DeFi coins, Borroe Finance ($ROE). Will $ROE outperform these other two coins? Let’s find out. 


Cosmos Hub’s Governance Slashes Annual Inflation Rate for $ATOM Token

Since the start of December month, Cosmos has been gaining significant traction. All of $ATOM’s recent surge coincides with some of the fundamental developments in the Cosmos ecosystem.

On November 26, Cosmos Hub’s governing body endorsed a proposal to cut the annual inflation rate of $ATOM from 14% to 10%. With this move, the authorized modification would reduce $ATOM’s annualized staking yield from around 19% to 13.4%.  

The month of December has a market resurgence of Cosmos, highlighting $ATOM as one of the best altcoins to watch. Since the proposal, $ATOM made a significant jump from $9.14 to $11.20 on December 15. This represents an excellent 22.53% surge in $ATOM price. Adding confidence to this positive sentiment, RSI, and AO indicators also justify Cosmos’s bullish outlook.  

Analysts predict that If Cosmos continues its bullish streak, $ATOM will reach $17.60 by the end of 2023. However, investors look to shift their focus on $ROE for low-risk investments.

Borroe Finance Presale Achievement Attracts Investors

Borroe Finance is stirring massive praise by blending DeFi with the cutting-edge technologies of AI and NFTs. Borroe Finance is an AI-powered funding marketplace that empowers content creators and Web3 participants to unlock instant cash flow by trading future earnings.

In addition, Borroe Finance, one of the new DeFi projects, plays a pivotal role in fundraising for businesses, enabling them to mint NFTs that encapsulate their future or outstanding invoices. 

What’s even more interesting about Borroe Finance is that the platform incorporates AI risk assessment, blockchain technology, and streamlined payable solutions. With more than $1.9 million already raised and counting, $ROE has paved its path to become one of the top DeFi projects. 

Right now, Borroe Finance is in Stage 3, priced at $0.0175 per one $ROE token. As the presale progresses, Borroe Finance will transition to the next stage, where investors can get $ROE at $0.019. 

By the end of its presale, $ROE will reach a projected value of $0.04, representing a 128.5% surge from its current price. Therefore, for those investors who are eyeing the best altcoins with massive growth potential, Borroe Finance leads the way by far.


Chainlink Launches Data Feeds on Polygon zkEVM

On December 14, 2023, Chainlink announced that $LINK’s data feeds are now live on the zero-knowledge (ZK) scaling solution, Polygon zkEVM. This groundbreaking development by Chainlink helps developers to build the best DeFi applications.

Although Chainlink was riding on an impressive bullish run since the start of December, the $LINK price plunged on December 11 from $16.29 to $14.81. With this positive announcement in the Chainlink ecosystem, $LINK bounced back from $14.43 to $15.45 on December 15, representing an incredible surge of 7.06%.

Technical analysis suggests that Chainlink’s buying pressure is low. Yet, $LINK is expected to follow an uptrend streak. However, there are also chances of a few slow-moving days of Chainlink, which is further signified by RSI and CMF indicators.

Therefore, experts speculate that if Chainlink falls below its current resistance level, the altcoin price will plummet to $11.40. That’s why $LINK holders are looking for brighter prospects that might offer them good returns, like Borroe Finance.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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