CoinStats Launches New Exit Strategy Feature to Help Crypto Investors Take Profits

CoinStats, an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, has introduced a new Exit Strategy feature to assist investors in planning when to sell their crypto assets.

As the crypto bull market reaches new highs, timing profitable exits is becoming increasingly important. Exit Strategy allows CoinStats users to set target selling prices for each of their portfolio holdings directly within the app.

When connecting their crypto wallets and exchanges, new CoinStats users will be prompted to configure Exit Strategy by defining the desired exit prices for their different cryptocurrency positions. Once set up, investors can easily toggle between their overall portfolio view and Exit Strategy view to monitor their planned exit levels.

For premium subscribers, Exit Strategy also provides AI Suggest – a tool that leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to predict potential peak prices for specific cryptos during this bull cycle. This data-driven insight helps inform profitable exit planning, especially for less experienced crypto traders.

“The biggest mistake for most crypto investors is not having a plan,” wrote CoinStats CEO Narek Gevorgyan on Twitter. Exit Strategy aims to solve this problem by enabling investors to actively manage exit targets as market conditions evolve.

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With over 1 million monthly active users, CoinStats offers portfolio tracking and management across 300+ crypto exchanges and wallets – including support for over 20,000 cryptocurrencies. It has become a premier platform for both casual and professional crypto traders to maximize their investing performance.

The new Exit Strategy feature provides critical functionality to help CoinStats users capitalize on crypto market spikes. By planning exit levels for their holdings ahead of time, investors can strategically take profits rather than relying on emotion-driven decisions in the heat of a rapid market run-up.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

Rene Peters is editor-in-chief of CaptainAltcoin and is responsible for editorial planning and business development. After his training as an accountant, he studied diplomacy and economics and held various positions in one of the management consultancies and in couple of digital marketing agencies. He is particularly interested in the long-term implications of blockchain technology for politics, society and the economy.