Token Listing on the Coinmooner Platform

CoinMooner is a crypto community platform, which offers features like token listings, a crypto tracker, and much more. The CoinMooner crypto tracker will help to keep all your cryptocurrency assets under control. Moreover, the CoinMooner platform aims to act as an entertainment ecosystem and provides events and news. The rapid growth of cryptography increases the number of tokens on the platform.

About Coinmooner Token Listings

The token listing is one of the main features of the platform. On the website, you can see the price changes over the last hour and day, the market capitalization of crypto tokens, as well as the time of their appearance on the market. The pre-sale of new crypto coins can also be found here.

Coin Rankings

The platform overview will provide you with all the necessary information about the crypto token trends and is continuously updated. Here you can see how the price of coins has changed over the last hour and over the last day. The market capitalization and the date of appearance of tokens are also indicated in the lists.

Adding and Promoting a Coin

Adding your own coin is easy and simple on the Coinmooner platform. You just need to enter the necessary information (name, symbol, price, launch date, and a brief description of your coin) in the appropriate response fields. The drop-down list will offer you the addresses of contracts, from which you select the one you need. Links to social networks are also mandatory. After the coin is added, you can continue to promote it in the new tokens listing on this platform.  

To do this, there is a fairly large selection of tools on the Coinmooner platform. The platform offers to increase your marketing to 60k daily users. The pre-sale request will only take a few seconds. In addition to the fact that the platform provides KYC for projects and technical audits, rotating and wide banners, pop-ups, and other elements of project promotion will help your token become visible and gain the right number of users.


By regularly reviewing the crypto listing statistics on our platform, you will be able to track all airdrops issued by new token projects. These are assets that are distributed for free even before the new tokens listing. Usually, to get such a token, you only need to perform simple tasks, as well as possess any other cryptocurrency in your wallet. Follow the news and don’t miss your chance to get free tokens!

The Platform’s Blockchain Games

The increasing growth of blockchain-based games led to the development of GameFi. It is a combination of DeFi and gaming. Users earn crypto coins by playing games. The Coinmooner platform offers games for GameFi players who would like to get involved. These are MASD, Midgard Clash, ForthBox, and many others.

You also can create your own game on the platform, providing it with all the necessary rules and instructions. According to the roadmap, Coinmooner will carry out the long-awaited listing of games in the first quarter of 2022.

What Is the Coinmooner Token?

The Coinmooner coin has only been around for 5 months, but its trading history is quite impressive. The market cap of this token is $391,585.32 today. Its contract address is 0x34E942859469c9dB9C22F4eAF866E2c2401BB795. A reliable and ambitious roadmap adds to the attractiveness of the token even for the “whales” – the biggest crypto investors. The project plans include, among other things, the development of games for the MOONER token, the creation of Launchpad, Crypto news magazine, and much more.


CoinMooner aims to become such a platform for the crypto community so that cryptocurrency becomes more accessible and understandable to the public. The platform also provides games, events, and news. The Coinmooner crypto tracker can calculate your active and passive earnings.  The rapid growth of cryptography requires such platforms to remain relevant and keep up with the developing crypto coin market.

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