Coin Wallet Now Offering Google Pay and Apple Pay for Crypto Users

Coin Wallet, a secure non-custodial wallet with user-owned private keys, has integrated credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay payments. Now, more than 20 thousand crypto tokens will be available for in-app purchases and exchange.

Today’s consumers expect the same seamless purchases they get with their debit or credit card from their cryptocurrency wallet. But is this expectation realistic?

Coin Wallet says it is. The crypto wallet provider, which has built itself a reputation already for taking some of the most extensive steps to protect user privacy, is now stepping up the speed and ease of its crypto assets buying service. Recently, the company announced that users will soon be able to make purchases with their credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay accounts. 

This new feature will be launched in September in the US, while other countries will have to wait a little longer.

No lack of choice

Until now, the majority of crypto buyers have had to purchase tokens at an exchange and send them from custodial exchange wallets to more secure storage solutions, such as cold wallets or trusted online wallets. With its new payment options, Coin Wallet is putting an end to these inconvenient and frustrating double transactions, as well as the fees that come with them. 

The new update lets Coin Wallet customers purchase crypto tokens with their everyday payment methods without leaving the wallet. All major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, are accepted, as well as some virtual, prepaid, and debit cards. In addition, clients can upload fiat money using popular digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Tap-and-go crypto purchases

The new feature can be accessed conveniently via the Exchange menu in the app. Users set their preferred currency (euro, pound sterling, or US dollar) and the amount they want to spend. From there, buying crypto is as simple as checking out at your standard online retailer. Coin Wallet does not associate sensitive transaction data with the wallet used to make the purchase, nor does it hold credit card information on its servers.

In-app purchases are processed instantly, so the corresponding amount of tokens will be credited to the wallet within a few seconds. On the same Exchange tab, users can exchange the purchased tokens via one of Coin Wallet’s two built-in exchanges, Changelly and ShapeShift.

Bottom line

Coin Wallet allows users to retain full control of their operations with crypto, including in-app purchases of tokens, exchange, and send and receive transactions. The new integration with major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay makes buying crypto even easier. This feature, together with instant fiat-to-crypto conversions, is making crypto a feasible option for everyday use.

Aside from this update, Coin Wallet continues to secure the privacy of its users to a high degree. Wallets are encrypted upon creation, and all personal information and keys are safeguarded using AES-256 encryption. On servers, no association is made between the user information and encrypted transaction data. This means that no one can intercept and use credit card details fraudulently. 

Overall, Coin Wallet creates a secure and hassle-free solution to convert fiat money to crypto tokens for their clients.

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