Circle To Launch New Smart Contract Platform – Implications for Crypto Assets

Circle, a leading blockchain-based financial services company, recently unveiled a new innovative contract platform allowing DeFi companies to deploy smart contracts using familiar languages like Python and JavaScript. 

Currently, analysts are determining the potential effects of the new smart contract on crypto assets, including BorroeFinance ($ROE), Stellar ($XLM), and Tron ($TRX) tokens. 

Let’s analyze the recent developments and expert forecasts on these three tokens.     


BorroeFinance Prepares to Deliver Massive ROI to Early Investors in Q4 2023

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is the world’s first web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace, and this platform helps web3 businesses, content creators, and top DeFi projects raise instant cash. 

On BorroeFinance, web3 participants can mint their future subscriptions, royalties, and invoices into trending NFTs and sell them to supportive communities at discounted prices.

Currently, BorroeFinance ($ROE) is in its second presale stage, and the token is selling for $0.015. In a few weeks, BorroeFinance ($ROE) will likely sell off the supply and wrap up all presale stages, and the token will sell for $0.040 on major crypto exchanges. 

Analysts say this BorroeFinance ($ROE) price movement will deliver a 167% ROI to early BorroeFinance ($ROE) investors, making now the perfect time to join to reap the rewards of the bargain price.


Stellar Embraces Smart Contracts for Cross-border Payments

The Stellar Development Foundation recently introduced the Soroban smart contracts product to the public. According to reports, this innovative project is led by Tomer Weller, the VP of product at the foundation. 

He said the Stellar Foundation “envision (s) a future rich in DeFi and Stellar ($XLM) aims to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Stellar ($XLM) gained 6.73% in the third week of October, and analysts have attributed this to Stellar’s ($XLM) ecosystem progress. On October 14, 2023, $XLM traded at $0.1042. Within seven days, $XLM surged and traded for $0.1113. 

According to experts, Stellar ($XLM) may hit $0.1700 in Q4 2023 because the new Circle smart contract platform will likely promote greater access to USDC balances and support Stellar ($XLM) blockchain.  

Tron Partners with Google Cloud’s BigQuery

Tron ($TRX) recently entered a strategic partnership with Google Cloud BigQuery Analytics

According to reports, this partnership will help facilitate deeper blockchain data insights, enable users to analyze on-chain transactions and bolster Tron’s ($TRX) utilities. Experts say this deal also highlights the growing collaboration between major web2 and web3 organizations.

As a result of this partnership, Tron ($TRX) averaged over five million daily transactions in October while sustaining a bullish trajectory. Tron ($TRX) traded for $0.08498 on October 14. A week later, Tron ($TRX) gained 7.96% and is currently trading for $0.09174. According to analysts, Tron ($TRX) recently surpassed 190 million user accounts, and Tron ($TRX) may trade for $0.10000 in Q4 2023 due to this growth in new users. 

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