Chainlink (LINK) introduces external adapters for Zilliqa and AION

ChainLink has entered the year of 2019 in a dominant fashion, recording positive growth both price and project-wise. Even Sergey Nazarov, project’s elusive main developer, intensified his public appearances as of late, recently going on the “Off The Chain” podcast led by crypto mainstay Anthony Pompliano and talking about ChainLink and smart contracts.

More importantly, the project’s behind the scenes development has intensified, looking to further the project’s bid to become the world’s gold standard for decentralized oracle technology. An impressive result of these efforts came just a couple of days ago when ChainLink released new external adapters for 2 other cryptocurrency projects.

External adapters are what makes Chainlink easily extensible, providing simple integration of custom computations and specialized APIs. The projects that got their own adapters are Zilliqa and AION, a couple of well-respected cryptocurrencies that ultimately aim to challenge Ethereum’s throne as the “best smart contract-focused platform” out there.

Zilliqa namely aims to deliver a piece of technology called sharding; Zilliqa’s sharding is transaction-focused and has shown immense potential for creating one of the most scalable decentralized blockchains of the future. AION is somewhat of a forgotten project, looking to solve the issue of blockchain interoperability. Both projects have a clear use case for oracle technology and ChainLink external adapters; we can expect to see them explore potential integration with ChainLink external adapters more in the future.

ChainLink previously implemented similar adapters for Ethereum and even for Bitcoin, a project that doesn’t even have smart contract capabilities! Further down the line, ChainLink will aim to make even more projects “externally aware” and capable of communicating with outside oracles. As the decentralized revolution looms closer, ChainLink is making all the right moves to prove it will be an important part of that.

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