Cardano Founder Explains the ‘Real’ Reason ADA Will Flip Bitcoin (BTC)

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), shared his insights on why he believes Cardano will eventually surpass Bitcoin as the leading crypto globally. In a discussion with Altcoin Daily, Hoskinson highlighted Cardano’s flexibility and ability to adapt as the primary advantage over Bitcoin’s perceived inflexibility.

Hoskinson on Cardano’s Adaptability: Key to Surpassing Bitcoin

According to Hoskinson, inflexibility has been the downfall of once-dominant companies like BlackBerry, Yahoo, and Myspace. “Why did BlackBerry fail or Yahoo fail or Myspace fail? Because they were inflexible. That is what flips Bitcoin,” he stated. 

In contrast, Cardano’s design allows it to continuously absorb new technologies and expand its ecosystem, ensuring its relevance and adaptability in the rapidly evolving crypto space. 

Hoskinson emphasized that Cardano’s ambition extends far beyond being just another crypto. “We’re trying to change the economic, political, and social systems of the world for everyone, everywhere,” he stated, underscoring Cardano’s potential impact and reach. 

Hoskinson envisions Cardano as a sustainable growth engine, capable of handling trillions of dollars in daily transactions while continuously adding users to create a multi-trillion-dollar ecosystem.

Empowering Decentralization and Resilience

One of Cardano’s core strengths lies in its community-driven approach. “The key is to enable and empower these people in the right way with the resources and inspiration they need,” Hoskinson said, highlighting the importance of fostering a decentralized model that ensures resilience and continuous improvement. Effective governance and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and technologies are seen as critical factors for Cardano’s long-term success.

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Bitcoin’s Stagnation vs. Cardano’s High-Utility Platform

While acknowledging Bitcoin’s established success, Hoskinson criticized its perceived stagnation and limited utility. “The only value proposition Bitcoin has is it’s big and successful. It’s not some new technology or capability,” he stated. Unlike Bitcoin, which he likened to digital gold with restricted applications, Cardano aims to provide a high-utility platform for various use cases, including governance, payments, and identity systems.

Hoskinson emphasized the crucial role of governance in determining a project’s success or failure in the cryptocurrency space. “Governance matters that much. It is really the core differentiator between whether a project is successful or a project will fail,” he said. Hoskinson stressed the need for a culture that allows projects to pivot quickly and chase new ideas, ensuring their adaptability in a rapidly changing market.

Charles Hoskinson remains confident that Cardano’s focus on decentralization, governance, and continuous innovation will enable it to surpass Bitcoin and other competitors in the long run. He believes that Cardano’s adaptability, driven by its community-driven approach and effective governance, gives it a crucial edge over Bitcoin’s perceived inflexibility and limited value proposition.

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