Can Whales Boost Push Bitcoin to $30,000? Trust Wallet Token & InQubeta Given Boost

There has recently been much speculation regarding whales driving Bitcoin past $30,000. Though the price movements of this top ten cryptocurrency often make headlines, there are other cryptocurrencies that have also drawn attention from investors and analysts alike. Trust Wallet Token ($TWT) and InQubeta ($QUBE), for example, have performed well in recent times, which has led to increased interest from the crypto community. Whale activities and the performance of lesser-known tokens illustrate the cryptocurrency market’s dynamic and multidimensional nature.

The Influence of Whales on Bitcoin

In the cryptocurrency sphere, “whales” denote individuals or entities possessing substantial amounts of a cryptocurrency, usually Bitcoin and other top crypto coins. Their actions significantly sway the market due to the vast volumes they manage, often triggering upward or downward notable price fluctuations. A clear illustration is the recent whale transactions that have resulted in a rebound of Bitcoin’s price, reaching the $28K mark after a period of decline. 

Recent activities showcase the profound influence of whales on price dynamics. For instance, an uptick in new Bitcoin whale addresses, notably those holding between 100 and 1,000 $BTC, was observed on October 16, alongside a 48-hour acquisition surge valued at about $3.2 million. This led to a 180.15% rise in Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume and a 3.26% price uplift on the said date. If this acquisition pace persists, analysts believe Bitcoin could hit or surpass the $30,000 mark by October 22nd. The ongoing whale activities, characterized by hefty purchases and dormant coin movements, are a driving force pushing Bitcoin towards this potential price threshold.

Trust Wallet Token’s Climb  

Trust Wallet ($TWT) is a testament to innovation in the crypto space, and its performance indicates that it’s an emerging force in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Recent data shows a determined ascent, with its altcoin price slowly reaching its previous position a year ago. This is remarkable given the current bearish sentiment in the market.

What’s its strength? $TWT operates on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring swift and affordable transactions. But its role isn’t merely transactional. It also serves as a vote in governance matters and a ticket to various service discounts. This blend of utility and resilience makes $TWT a viable choice for traders looking for good crypto to buy.

InQubeta’s ($QUBE) Luminescent Glow

InQubeta ($QUBE) is considered one of the best crypto to invest in now because of its democratization of the startup funding process. The project enables artificial intelligence (AI) startups to offer fractional investment opportunities minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to a global audience through the InQubeta marketplace. Investors can buy these fractionalized NFTs using the platform’s native $QUBE token.

$QUBE tokens are ERC20 coins that primarily facilitate the purchase of AI startup NFTs. More than that, they’re also a governance token that enables holders to influence the future of the platform through their votes. Another feature that makes $QUBE a good crypto to buy is its deflationary nature. This helps ensure that $QUBE’s value is sustained or increases over time by decreasing its supply. 2% of the 10% sell tax and 1% of the 5% buy tax are sent to a burn wallet to make this happen.

The investment model introduced by InQubeta ($QUBE), along with its tokenomics and focus on AI startups, is what makes it one of the best DeFi projects right now. Though it has yet to launch officially, the project has already attracted a lot of attention. Proof of this is the success of its token presale, wherein more than $3.7 million in funds have already been raised. Its growing community on X (formerly Twitter) and other social media platforms also shows increasing interest in the project.

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Several developments are shaping today’s crypto market. Bitcoin, long considered among the top 5 cryptocurrencies, may reach the $30K mark on the strength of whale movements. Meanwhile, Trust Wallet’s $TWT and InQubeta’s $QUBE have become promising altcoins to watch because of their impressive performance and potential for growth. InQubeta ($QUBE), in particular, is poised to take the market by storm because of its fusion of AI and blockchain technology.

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