Broker Shares FTX’s Bitcoin (BTC) Holdings at SBF’s Trial; AI Altcoin’s Growth Forecast Impresses Investors

The prosecuting attorneys in the criminal case against Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the disgraced former CEO of FTX, have started to call witnesses. A key witness was a London-based cocoa broker, Marc-Antoine Julliard. In testimony before the court, the cocoa broker testified about his Bitcoin holdings, stating that he owns 4 $BTC and was unable to withdraw from FTX in November 2022.

Amidst this ongoing trial, InQubeta, an AI altcoin, remains bullish. According to analysts’ forecasts, it will skyrocket in the final quarter of 2023, captivating the attention of investors. This article will cover the ongoing SBF trial and the buzz around InQubeta, including why it is the best new crypto to invest in.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Bullish Q4 2023

The ongoing FTX trial is a reminder of a dark period in the crypto space, but the impressive growth forecast of InQubeta ($QUBE) is a bright spot. According to industry experts, InQubeta is poised to ride the bullish wave of the final quarter of the year, making it a top crypto to invest in. A combination of factors will contribute to its growth and adoption, as well as its novel concept and real-world application.

As a blend of blockchain and AI, InQubeta is an AI-altcoin tipped to lead the next bullish wave. This intersection will see it build the first crowdfunding platform for AI startups through crypto. Hence, in a revolutionary move, AI-based startups will be able to source funds through cryptocurrency. Additionally, it will also democratize access to the promising AI market by utilizing NFT technology and a fractional investment model.

The above highlights InQubeta’s novel concept, which is forecast to revolutionize the AI industry. With its adoption imminent, this exciting project is positioned as one of the new DeFi projects to watch.

Within its vibrant and mutually beneficial ecosystem, AI developers can raise funds, and investors can hold stakes in lucrative AI ventures. To source capital, AI startups will mint investment opportunities, which will be tokenized as NFTs and fractionalized. Meanwhile, through this fractionalization of investment-backed NFTs, investors can become early backers of emerging AI businesses and enjoy substantial returns.

In addition, the ecosystem will be powered by the $QUBE token, which will drive its value. Built around real-world applications, including fundraising and investments, $QUBE boasts tangible utility. Consequently, it is arguably the best coin to invest in now in light of its exceptional use cases and novelty in the crypto scene. As a presale token in its fourth stage at a token price of $0.0133, it has immense room for growth. According to analysts’ forecasts, it will soar by 30x in 2023.

 Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) Ongoing Trial and a Broker’s Testimony

After the collapse of FTX in 2022, Sam Bankman-Fried was duly apprehended on corruption grounds. With the trial ongoing, a witness was presented by the prosecutors, a cocoa broker, Marc-Antoine Julliard. The London-based broker responded to prosecutors’ questions regarding the crypto he held on FTX in November 2022.

In his testimony, he claimed Bitcoin holdings on FTX, a platform where he trades cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin. The broker said he had 4 Bitcoin, which he was unable to withdraw in November 2022, despite a Twitter post by SBF that “assets were fine.” With the trial ongoing, it doesn’t look pretty for Sam Bankman-Fried.


The ongoing criminal trial against SBF underscores the need for investor protection in the crypto space. Meanwhile, InQubeta’s staggering potential has been one of the bright spots of late in the crypto community. Expert’s forecasts of 30x in 2023 make it the best crypto to invest in now. To participate in the presale of the token tipped as the top crypto to buy, simply follow the link below.

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