$BONK Trader Earns $4.4 Million in a Month; Can This New Memecoin Do Even Better?

The bull market has started, and everything is up for grabs- welcome to crypto. Memecoins are the flavor of the month, and investors worldwide are getting rich trading these low-cap gems. One Bonk ($BONK) trader earned $4.4 million in a month, and speculation has pivoted to Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Can this new memecoin do even better?

What cryptos to buy now before the true mania begins in 2024? The answer for anybody seeking to become a whale this cycle will be small caps. Why? These tiny market cap projects are primed for explosive growth and are one of the last existing investment vehicles for turning four figures into six.

Bonk ($BONK) Trader Clears $4.4 Million

Crypto markets are the only place where ordinary retail investors can change their tax bracket within a matter of weeks. Bonk is Solana’s ($SOL) leading memecoin and even eclipsed Pepe ($PEPE) to become the third largest meme project ranked via market cap. This phenomenal growth as well as igniting speculative appetite for memecoins, has made some early investors incredibly wealthy.

One trader generated an enormous $4.4 million profit in less than one month. This trader purchased 21.18 billion $BONK via a decentralized exchange (valued at $41,000) and held it until the Binance listing. Bonk surged, and this trader managed to sell the peak, netting a cool $4.4 million.

Bonk was certainly a top crypto to buy last month, but following its outlandish rally, there is little juice left to squeeze from this trade. Those that missed $BONK will need to search for the next superstar memecoin, and Galaxy Fox is flagging multiple signals that it will be the next 100X gem.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Closing In On $1.5 Million

Galaxy Fox has enjoyed monumental success in its presale, and this P2E/ meme hybrid has already raised close to $1.5 million. Speculative appetite is up, and experts stated that $GFOX was a natural answer for anybody asking what cryptos to buy now for insane 100X returns.

This early momentum indicates that presale participants will enjoy an explosive price discovery round when the token launches in 2024. Galaxy Fox benefits from two powerful tailwinds: the developing GameFi narrative and the ongoing memecoin mania. This project is one of the few hybrids on the market, explaining why it has shot past its competition.

Players can earn by playing the runner game at the heart of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, and prizes directly exchangeable for $GFOX tokens are paid out at the end of each season. Rewards are deflationary thanks to Galaxy Fox’s token burn, which permanently removes tokens from circulation, increasing their scarcity.

Staking rewards are another critical component of this cosmic ecosystem, allowing all $GFOX token holders to earn rewards. Rewards are funded via buy and sell taxes, and payouts have no theoretical limit. Stakers’ earnings are directly correlated to ecosystem activity.

The bull market will be raging in 2024, and Galaxy Fox launching in these buoyant conditions makes it one of the top cryptos to buy right now.

Closing Thoughts: Late to Bonk? Buy $GFOX 

When it comes to investing in memecoins, investors need to be early. The Bonk trader who made $4.4 million wasn’t a genius or a hyper-skilled market participant. They simply saw the momentum and acted fast, joining the trade early.

Those who missed $BONK have one final opportunity with $GFOX. Entering the presale means getting in at the earliest stage, and $GFOX’s momentum shows that this token wants to fly. Still asking what cryptos to buy now? The answer is obvious. Participate in the Galaxy Fox presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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Felix Küster

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