$BONK Shows Bullish Break-Out as $GFOX Gains Traction in the Market

Following the Securities and Exchange Commission approval of all Bitcoin ETFs, $BONK, the Solana-based meme coin, saw a sudden bullish pump in its price. This was soon followed by some retracement, but the pull-back appears to be in consolidation for further bullish breakout. $GFOX, meanwhile, is riding on its presale success and continues exerting its dominance in the crypto market.

Interest In $BONK Spikes Following ETF Approval

It is no doubt that Solana Network is one of the hottest topics in the crypto world, and $BONK, the network’s memecoin, is seeing renewed interest from investors after a successful 2023. According to reports, the token made several crypto millionaires in 2023 following an almost 10,000% surge in its price within the year.

Notably, among these millionaires is one investor who netted a staggering $25 million profit in $BONK before finally exiting the market. Now, after the recent approval of $BTC ETFs, the token is gaining momentum, and it is expected to resume another bullish run any moment from now. Although it is unsure whether $BONK can beat its last year’s run and gain more than 10,000%, it is expected to yield high profits for investors again within the next couple of months.

For a token launched in December 2022, $BONK has done very well for itself. Although it experienced a turbulent time after The FTX saga, like every other cryptocurrency, it was able to turn the tide around. With over $850 million market capitalization and about 63 trillion tokens in circulation, $BONK reached its all-time high just over 30 days ago and has increased by over 16,000% of its all-time low.

$GFOX Gains Momentum as Presale Stage 7 Nears End

The buzz around Galaxy Fox native token $GFOX seems not to be ending anytime soon as the token is preparing to enter the next stage of its presale. Although this is not surprising, as the token has proved beyond a reasonable doubt to be the best memecoin to buy now with its presale performance.

So far, $GFOX has generated almost $3 million alone in its presale and is on course to break the $5 million mark in the next couple of weeks. Also, almost 50% of the tokens allocated for its presale stages have already been sold, with less than 300 million tokens available for sale right now at the current presale stage.

Built on the Ethereum network, $GFOX is a full utility token designed to transform and revolutionize the memecoin space. It is expected to stand shoulder to shoulder with successful meme tokens like $PEPE, $DOGE, and Shiba Inu

Additionally, the Galaxy Fox ecosystem features a web3-based play-to-earn (P2E) game where investors and game lovers can enjoy an exciting runner game. Like every true P2E gaming platform, players can earn passive income in the form of $GFOX while playing games.

$GFOX holders can also stake their tokens and earn rewards on them. This reward is sourced from the Galaxy Fox Stargate, which serves as a reservoir where 2% of all transaction value on Galaxy Fox is added. 

It is from this Stargate that the staking reward will be distributed proportionally among token holders who staked their $GFOX tokens. Apart from the passive income for holders, staking also contributes to the security and efficiency of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem.


While $BONK prepares for its next major bullish breakout, $GFOX is currently selling at just $0.00198 per token, and the price will move to $0.002178 in the next couple of days when the presale stage 8 begins. This represents a cool 10% profit for investors who buy $GFOX before the end of the current stage. Also, by the time the project launches, it is expected to reward early investors with over 400% ROI on their investment.

Ready to join the Galaxy Fox ecosystem? Visit the website and get 15% off your purchases. Also, join the telegram community to stay up to date with the current news and activities of the project!


Learn more about $GFOX here:

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