Bonk and Celestia Aficionados Set Their Sights on an Up-and-Coming, Potential-Rich Crypto


  • Bonk plummets 11% in a week, and analysts foresee more losses in December.
  • Celestia gains 6% in a week, but experts believe a downward correction is in order.
  • Rebel Satoshi has gained 100% thus far, bringing it closer to the end of its presale.

As the festivities continue, top crypto coins like Bonk (BONK) and Celestia (TIA) have performed unsatisfactorily. As a result, advocates of popular cryptos have started eyeing emerging high-potential tokens like Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), an upcoming meme coin that has generated a 100% ROI thus far.

Why are BONK and Celestia enthusiasts shifting to Rebel Satoshi? Continue reading to discover!

BONK Plunges 11% in a Week: When Are Bulls Returning?

BONK has performed deplorably over the past seven days. On December 19, BONK was changing hands at around $0.00002023. After trading around this level for days, BONK spiked on December 22 after Kraken Pro listed BONK. This news saw BONK surge as high as $0.00002261 on the same day.

However, as the excitement around the listing news faded, BONK started correcting downward. By December 26, BONK had leveled off at around $0.00001800. This price denotes an 11.02% loss in a week, explaining why BONK proponents are beginning to embrace tokens that promise a better performance. 

Moreover, experts believe investors will keep flowing out of BONK while taking profits from the recent rally. To this end, experts set the end-of-year BONK prediction at $0.00001737. This forecast effectively adds BONK to the list of altcoins to watch!

Celestia Gains 6% in a Week: Will Bullish Trend Continue?

Celestia has performed modestly over the past seven days. On December 19, TIA was hovering at around $12.72. Following days of recording little movement, TIA started pumping on December 24 due to the news of Celestia underpinning the deployment of 500+ rollups on Astria and 10,000+ rollups on Dymension. 

This news saw TIA climb as high as $14.94 on December 14 before experiencing a slight pullback. By December 26, TIA had stabilized at around $13.58. This price means TIA has pumped 6.76% in a week. So, why are investors shifting from Celestia despite these gains? Let’s find out!

Per analysts, TIA will continue correcting downward as the excitement around the December 24 news wanes. As such, analysts set the end-of-2023 TIA prediction at $13.33. This forecast explains why investors are excluding TIA from the list of the best cryptos to buy now!

Rebel Satoshi Nears Its Listing Price of $0.025 After Starting Citizens Round 3!

Rebel Satoshi, a new meme coin that seeks to disrupt the crypto landscape by introducing a new era of decentralization, has quickly become a favorite among investors. This upcoming crypto project has achieved this feat due to its mission to raise a $100 million market cap for its native $RBLZ token through a community comprising the silent majority.

To achieve this audacious mission, Rebel Satoshi depends on $RBLZ, which doubles as the project’s governance and membership token. In this capacity, Rebel Satoshi offers investors access to Rebel Satoshi features like the Rebel NFT Vault, an NFT marketplace, a staking program, and a P2E game. 

As of December, Rebel Satoshi had initiated Citizens Round 3 of its ongoing presale, and $RBLZ’s price during this round was $0.020. Thus far, $RBLZ has generated a 100% ROI for Early Bird Round investors who bought it at $0.010. 

Meanwhile, Rebels Round 1 and Warriors Round 2 investors have seen their $RBLZ holdings gain 53.85% and 11.11%, respectively. Notably, Citizens Round 3 investors stand to get a 25% ROI when $RBLZ climbs to its listing price of $0.025. This predicted price increase makes $RBLZ the best cryptocurrency to buy today!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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