Blast’s Dynamic Ecosystem: Leading 5 Innovations in DeFi and Gaming

The Layer-2 technologies are reshaping the realms of decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming, bringing a fresh wave of innovation. At the heart of this transformation is Blast, a cutting-edge EVM-compatible Layer-2 blockchain, the only one offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Spearheaded by Pacman, the brains behind the popular NFT marketplace Blur, Blast quickly caught the eye of the crypto community. From its launch, it’s been on a meteoric rise, amassing over $1.4 billion, which propelled it to the top 10 largest blockchains by TVL. 

After Blast made its debut, it didn’t take long for the platform to become a beehive of activity. With hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into its burgeoning protocols, the network is buzzing with excitement about the growth of several other projects within its ecosystem. Explore 5 of the best Blast-based projects to watch. 


BlastUP is the first launchpad platform in the Blast ecosystem, offering a springboard for DApps to kickstart their journey towards success. With a guiding principle of “grow faster, earn more,” this platform is dedicated to nurturing the growth of all its participants.

The unique feature of BlastUP, Launchpad Accelerator, is designed to provide startup teams with the tools they need, from comprehensive documentation to refined tokenomics, making it easier to raise capital effectively. Further on, the rigorous Project Screening process ensures that only the most trustworthy projects gain admission, safeguarding the integrity of the entire community.

The native token of BlastUP, BLP, fuels the ecosystem with its high utility. The ongoing presale has already raised an impressive $3 million, and early investors continue flocking in. 

Orbit Protocol

Orbit stands as the premier DeFi protocol in the Blast ecosystem. This protocol offers users the ability to lend and borrow assets seamlessly within Blast, further sweetening the deal by rewarding participants with liquid incentives. Additionally, Orbit introduces its own native token, ORBIT, enhancing the platform’s appeal and utility.


At its essence, Crypto Valleys is a DeFi game infused with the essence of Gacha games. It presents a seamless yet intricately woven gaming experience where players immerse themselves in farming, crafting, exploring, and trading while steadily accumulating YIELD and shaping their own Valley.

The complete rollout of Crypto Valleys unfolds across two distinct phases. The first phase emphasizes the distribution of YIELD and delivers intuitive gameplay catering to both casual gamers and seasoned DeFi enthusiasts alike. The second phase unveils advanced gameplay mechanics designed to strike a delicate balance between YIELD and the game’s economic equilibrium.

Pac Finance

Pac Finance marks the debut of the first hybrid lending protocol on Blast, enabling users to engage in both peer-to-peer and peer-to-pool loans within the Blast network. With innovative features such as self-repaying loans, one-click leverage trading, and instant lending loops, Pac Finance offers a dynamic lending experience.

Moreover, the platform is currently offering portions of Blast’s upcoming native token to early adopters. This token allocation stems from Pac Finance’s victory in the blockchain’s “Big Bang” app development competition, further incentivizing users to join the platform early.

Thruster Finance 

Thruster Finance stands as the pioneering decentralized DEX, prioritizing the needs of DeFi enthusiasts within the Blast ecosystem. Thruster revolutionizes the token lifecycle, encompassing every stage from inception to prominence within a single protocol.

For developers, Thruster offers exclusive fair launch mechanics and top-notch token management tools crafted by the finest minds in DeFi. Meanwhile, general users benefit from lucrative yield opportunities, seamless LP options, integrated social and analytic features, and a user-friendly trading interface.

With these robust offerings, Thruster sets out to become the go-to destination for liquidity and trading across both core assets and niche tokens within the Blast ecosystem.


As Blast continues to gain traction, it serves as a catalyst for the growth of other projects within this ecosystem. And at the heart of it is BlastUP, a platform that’s not just a launchpad for promising DApps but a nurturing ground for their growth and success. Orbit Protocol facilitates seamless lending and borrowing, while CryptoValleys introduces an immersive gaming experience intertwined with DeFi mechanics. Pac Finance pioneers hybrid lending protocols, and Thruster Finance offers a decentralized exchange tailored to the Blast ecosystem. These projects form an engine that drives the Blast ecosystem, while BlastUP is the fuel that’s powering its growth. Together with Orbit Protocol, CryptoValleys, Pac Finance, and Thruster Finance, BlastUP represents the forefront of innovation and opportunity within the Blast ecosystem, poised for explosive growth.

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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