Bitgert Coin’s Bullish Momentum Counters the Bearish Trends of Solana and Cardano

There’s finally respite for Solana and Cardano investors following the market’s recent bearish trend. With Bitgert Coin’s current bulkish momentum, there’s finally something for investors to leverage for portfolio recovery and enlivening a crypto summer.

But, before you decide, analysts have reviewed Bitgert Coin’s bullish momentum, what is inspiring this rally and whether it is the ideal alternative for Solana and Cardano’s investors seeking reprieve. 

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Experts have found Bitgert the ideal alternative to Cardano, Solana, and other crypto giants as this cryptocurrency prepares to take the market by storm. 

Unlike Solana, with no supply cap, Bitgert employs deflationary tokenomics, capping its supply at 1000 trillion BRISE. For every Bitgert transaction, 12% of the tokens get burnt, permanently wiping them out of circulation and generating scarcity and value. Recent market reports state that 2 trillion BRISE has been burnt, proof that Bitgert is committed to enforcing its tokenomics.

Moreover, Bitgert’s recent bullish price performance outdoes the performance of top projects like Solana and Cardano. Bitgert’s price movements are proof that the crypto holds the potential to deliver the bigger bags and kick off a bullish run in the months ahead.

Therefore. Solana and Cardano’s investors are rallying behind BRISE’s position to fight Solana, Cardano, and other altcoins for supremacy. Here is the most promising alternative for Cardano and Solana.


Having to endure the recent rough road, Cardano and Cardano’s traders are declining as the crypto battles bearish waves. This momentum saw Cardano’s (ADA) price drop to $0.56 last week, indicating a nearly 30% decline in Cardano’s year-to-date climax of $0.8104. This latest Cardano decline is a ripple effect of Bitcoin’s price correction and mass liquidations that saw the crypto giant’s price tumble to $62,000. 

Following this last descent, Cardano holders registered enormous loss volumes based on on-chain data. Now, Cardano analysts tip Cardano holders to expect this downturn to continue. Hence, the mass shedding of Cardano (ADA) holdings. This means the token might experience further falls due to the sell-offs. 


Solana’s current price at press time was $169.26, a 9.6% value dip. Likewise, the latest trading volume of $4.7 billion over the last 24 hours reveals another 35.41% drop. This bearish movement indicates that Solana isn’t getting the investors’ engagement it used to enjoy. More so, Solana investors also decreased their liquidity levels. 

The price fall and the Solana’s total market value dipping spells trouble in the Solana ecosystem. Although Solana has a market cap of $75.65 billion, Solana investors have turned their sights on Bitgert, hoping to earn insane profits by investing early.

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