Bitfinex Foresees a $3.2 Trillion Market Cap in 2024 for Crypto; Monero and InQubeta Emerge as Trader Favorites

Bitfinex, a major player in the cryptocurrency sphere­, has ambitious aims for 2024. After a noteworthy 2023 with Bitcoin (BTC) escalating by 160% and the overall crypto market broade­ning by 100%, the exchange anticipates another considerable upsurge. It projected the market to grow twofold and achieve $3.2 trillion in 2024. Amidst this outlook, two other crypto projects, InQubeta (QUBE) and Monero (XMR), emerged as traders’ favorites in the market.

Experts predict a significant surge in these two crypto projects, anticipating a 10x increase in investors’ portfolios in 2024. InQubeta is a new crypto AI altcoin with a deflationary token that positions it as the top crypto to buy for high returns. Meanwhile, Monero positions itself as a champion of user privacy, making notable strides in the crypto ecosystem through significant developments.

This article explores InQubeta and Monero emerging as traders’ favorites as Bitfinex foresees a $3.2 million market cap in 2024 for cryptocurrency.

InQubeta (QUBE): Unleashing Fractional Investment Possibilities in AI Startups.

InQubeta, the first crypto crowdfunding platform, has gained significant traction among traders in 2024, standing out as a favored choice. The platform introduces fractional investment in AI startups through QUBE tokens. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain for a seamless and secure investment ecosystem. With a deflationary nature, QUBE offers a unique opportunity for crypto traders searching for the top crypto to buy for portfolio diversification.

This new DeFi crypto deflationary mechanism features a 2% buy and sell tax mechanism contributing to a burning wallet and a 5% sell tax directed to a dedicated reward pool. Investors can diversify portfolios and earn rewards through staking. This approach aligns with the growth potential of AI technology startups. 

InQubeta’s innovative approach of minting each investment opportunity into an NFT and fractionalizing it makes it the top pick among traders. This strategy allows for budget-friendly investments and offers benefits to early backers. The trending NFT marketplace facilitates AI startups in raising funds, creating a symbiotic relationship with QUBE token holders who can easily invest in projects they believe in.

This new DeFi crypto token also serves as a governance token, further piquing the interest of crypto traders. This allows holders to actively participate in decision-making processes related to the platform’s development and future direction. As participation grows, demand for QUBE is anticipated to rise, potentially driving up the token’s value.

InQubeta’s presale has seen impressive results. Currently, the presale is in stage 6, with over $7.8 million raised in presale funding. This result indicates strong trader interest, with a record of over 698 million tokens sold at the presale price of $0.01925. Cryptocurrency traders are eagerly purchasing QUBE tokens before its prices rise in the next presale stage.

Monero (XMR): Spearheading Privacy and Anonymity In the Crypto Landscape.

Monero, renowned for prioritizing user privacy and anonymity, has risen as traders’ preferred choice, positioning itself as the leading cryptocurrency advocating equal opportunities for investors. Through its native token, XMR, users can engage in mining without requiring specialized hardware. By functioning through an obscure blockchain that conce­als transaction particulars and consumer addresses, Mone­ro offers a degree of protection that especially resonates with individuals who prize secre­cy.

Monero’s lack of user transaction fees boosts its affordability, increasing its overall attractiveness. Its robust security features make it a go-to choice for crypto traders who want to protect their data. XMR’s continuous efforts to promote user privacy and anonymity establish it as a standout cryptocurrency.


Bitfinex’s in-depth analysis delivers valuable insights about potential trajectories, market sentiments, and critical factors influencing the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024. Thus, the commitment of Mone­ro to privacy and the trending NFT  marketplace of InQube­ta having been stirring excitement in the altcoin field. Traders looking for diversity in their investments see the potential in InQubeta. To explore more about the QUBE ecosystem, visit their official site or join the lively Twitter community.

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