Bitcoin Whales Hooked on New Meme Coin with 100x Potential

Animal spirits have descended on crypto markets after an agonizingly long bear market. The next bull run has already started, and investors are scrambling to find the top crypto to buy in 2023. Larry Fink publicly shilling Bitcoin ($BTC) has cemented the notion that a Spot ETF will be passed early in 2024, and the next eighteen months promise to be huge for crypto investors.

Bitcoin whales are looking for the next altcoin play and, judging from on-chain data, have become hooked on a new meme coin with 100X potential: Galaxy Fox (GFOX). Why are these whales aggressively participating in this new presale?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) 2024’s Memecoin King?

Galaxy Fox has to be one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now. Capital flows are poised to begin rotating from Bitcoin into Ethereum ($ETH), then from $ETH into altcoins and smaller caps. Investors can get ahead of the market and get in at the ground level of one of this bull run’s biggest altcoins by participating in the $GFOX presale now. 

At its heart, Galaxy Fox is a protocol that aims to become a widely recognized and adopted currency throughout Web3. But the real genius lies in its tokenomics and P2E architecture. Delivering a Web3 runner game where the top 20% of players earn rewards exchangeable for $GFOX tokens every season, Galaxy Fox goes far beyond a standard memecoin.

Users can purchase one of the 3,000 unique NFTs, which will be tradeable on the secondary marketplace. These NFTs deliver stat upgrades to players, and as the prize pool grows, so too will the value of the competitive advantage provided by these NFTs.

Users can stake their $GFOX tokens for residual income. The Galaxy Fox Stargate accrues 2% of all transactions across the ecosystem and distributes them proportionally to each staker. This powerful incentive to hold means reduced sell pressure and reduced sell pressure always translates into powerful movement upwards.

Galaxy Fox leverages a fair launch mechanism with 70% of tokens allocated to the presale. This means little inflationary pressure post-presale, and investors in the primary phase can lock in an incredible 450% price increase before launch. No wonder Bitcoin whales are hooked on this new memecoin, calling it the top crypto to buy this year. 


Bitcoin Whales Participating Aggressively

Bitcoin whales have always been fascinating wallets to track and observe. These investors saw the value proposition of $BTC early, and whenever Bitcoin pumps, they sell a portion of their stack to rotate it into altcoins.

Following the dramatic surge in late October, these Bitcoin whales, judging by their on-chain behavior, are already buying up altcoins, and presales like the bull market are in full swing. They know how to buy new cryptos before listing and that participating in presales early is where the lion’s share of the profits originate.

The deflationary tokenomics of Galaxy Fox have been a large factor in these whales’ decision to participate in the $GFOX presale. Knowing first-hand the economic power of a fixed supply- the only thing that outshines a fixed supply is a deflationary supply.

Closing Thoughts: Finding a 100X Gem

Crypto markets enter their final bull market before TradFi adoption. This will likely be the last cycle of the type of returns only possible within crypto before more sophisticated market actors smooth out volatility.

There will be plenty of 100X gems this cycle, but Galaxy Fox stands out not only for its P2E game and real-life merchandise but because of the tokenomics model. Join the presale early and become an early adopter in the cosmic journey of the top crypto to buy in 2023.

Learn More About Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Here:

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