Bitcoin Touches Above $42K Hinting at Next Rally, While Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Nears $10M

Bitcoin set out on an ambitious path earlier this year, rising close to $48K. But as the speculative excitement surrounding the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs grew feeble, BTC began to descend the charts. 

At one point, this month, the coin slipped below $40,000 to trade around $38K. But things are going green again, with BTC rising above $42,000. 

When is the Next Rally?

After days of swimming in red, the crypto market is ready for another rebound. The market sentiments are turning green. But it will take more time for the price correction to become pronounced and translate into a strong rally.

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The bear market has been unkind to most high-cap assets, including ETH, SOL, XRP, and ADA to name just a few. 

But strategic investors are not dejected. If years of ups and downs in the volatile market have taught us anything, it is to make the best of bear markets. This is a perfect time to buy into established assets for a steal, before they begin to gain value ahead of the next bitcoin halving. 

Bitcoin 7-day price action, source: CoinMarketCap

But new cryptocurrencies make better alternatives. Established assets come with the uncertainty of price corrections. New cryptocurrencies in the presale stage, on the other hand, have a fixed price structure. It relieves investors of the burden of technical analysis and determining the best entry points. 

The presales of projects like Meme Kombat, Sponge, and Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) have been progressing rapidly over the last few days. Bitcoin Minetrix, in particular, is turbocharged. The cloud mining token is on its way to the $10M milestone, having raised $9.6M already. 

With the debut exchange listing weeks away, Bitcoin Minetrix appears to be insulated from the prevailing bear market conditions. Accumulating $BTCMTX at its current discounted rates is a strategic decision, as a result. 

Here is an analysis of Bitcoin Minetrix and why it stands out as one of the biggest gainers of this season.

What’s Driving the Presale?

The core concept behind Bitcoin Minetrix is to simplify bitcoin mining for regular, passive investors. It shatters the barriers to the highly centralized industry that is currently in the hands of a few who can afford the financial and technical resources it demands. 

Through blockchain tokenization, Bitcoin Minetrix makes mining accessible to everyone. Unlike traditional cloud mining platforms, the platform doesn’t require initial hardware investments, technical expertise, or contractual obligations.

To start earning mining credits, all that a user needs to do is stake their $BTCMTX tokens in the Bitcoin Minetrix stake-to-mine dashboard. The mining credits are untradeable, keeping them out of reach for hackers. Instead, users can burn them to earn BTC mining rewards. 

If the term ‘stake-to-mine’ sounds unfamiliar and intimidating, it’s because the concept is novel. But it offers a creative approach to simplifying bitcoin mining for the masses. 

Positive Reviews and Price Predictions Fuel Traffic

Within a short time of stepping into the market, Bitcoin Minetrix has earned positive reviews and optimistic price predictions from leading crypto analysts and publications.

In a recent video, well-known YouTuber and crypto analyst Michael Wruber expressed the view that Bitcoin Minetrix represents the future of Bitcoin mining. The project’s capacity to eliminate the risk associated with third-party cloud mining scams sets it apart, empowering token holders with greater control over the mining rewards. Crypto influencer Conor Kenny recently highlighted the project’s key features to his followers. 


Mining as a Source of Passive Income

Bitcoin Minetrix is committed to making Bitcoin mining accessible to all as a source of passive income. Not just in theory, but in practical implementation. 

Considering the remarkable price appreciation of Bitcoin over the years, Bitcoin mining has historically proven to be highly lucrative. But financial and technical hurdles effectively closed its doors to small-scale participants. While many cloud mining ventures have aimed to democratize the sector, their impact has been relatively limited.

Several benefits accompany the new cloud mining mechanism from Bitcoin Minetrix. 

To begin with, it is budget-friendly. It caters to both large-scale and small-scale investors, giving them the flexibility to purchase $BTCMTX tokens that align with their budget. Currently priced at $0.0131 in the presale stage, the token is a steal for early investors.

Another thing to note is the nature of the initial investment. While hardware investment that most cloud mining platforms demand undergoes depreciation, $BTCMTX tokens stand to benefit from organic price appreciation. Investors earn a profit from the price difference over time, in addition to staking and mining rewards. 

And as discussed above, mining credits are distributed as non-transferable ERC-20 tokens, providing an added layer of security to the process. 

A $30K airdrop is now open for the $BTCMTX community.

Little Time Left to Buy In

The current crypto downturn will be brief. A positive price correction is just a few days away, as the excitement around the next Bitcoin halving gathers momentum. 

But the $BTCMTX presale is likely to be sold out much earlier, if the growing traffic is any sign. With the launch of $BTCMTX strategically timed to coincide with the upcoming bull run, the presale presents an attractive investment opportunity. 

The token is expected to surge up to 10X on its launch, tapping into FOMO primarily. That won’t be the case for long, however, as the stake-to-mine dashboard goes live and attracts a growing user base. Toward the end of the year, the token has the potential to bring ROIs ranging from 3000% to 5000%. 

Till the dashboard goes live, investors can put their tokens to work with the staking dashboard for high APYs. To learn more about Bitcoin Minetrix and the ongoing presale, visit the official website

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