Bitcoin Spark’s Accessibility Will Help It Move Ahead Of Toncoin

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) emerges as a cryptocurrency with increasing accessibility, positioning it ahead of competitors like Toncoin. Its pursuit to ease crypto investment access and its platform’s simplified entry could be a significant advantage in the competitive and fast-paced digital currencies arena.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): In Pursuit of Accessible and Inclusive Crypto Platforms

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) is at the forefront of a mission to create accessible and inclusive crypto mining and investment. BTCS, through its proprietary Proof of Process (PoP), sets new standards for usability and openness, making it a promising utility player in the crypto world. 

BTCS is a Bitcoin fork striving to relive the original Bitcoin vision by ensuring a level playing ground and true centralization of its processes. BTC’s mining has skewed towards centralization, accessible only to a few wealthy players. Its token is high value, making it challenging for small investors to own substantial tokens. As such, BTCS ensures anyone can mine by encouraging users with processing power to rent out and earn rewards.

The platform empowers those with limited resources to participate and benefit regardless of their processing power. The broader participation benefit all and sundry as the platform becomes secure and makes 51% attacks impractical. Bitcoin Spark fosters accessibility to its infrastructure through a mining application compatible with standard devices like smartphones and computers, thus eliminating the need for advanced and expensive rigs.

BTCS provides an affordable option for acquiring BTCS tokens through its ICO. BTCS is at $3.50 in ICO phase nine, with the holders enjoying 5% bonuses and expected returns of 300% when the project launches. The project will launch on November 30 at an impressive $10 BTCS price. The early BTCS adopters have already locked their ROI of 800%+, and expectations are rife for a predicted explosive launch.

The team is upbeat about a stable and transparent platform after a rigorous audit and KYC. BTCS plans on introducing smart contracts and dApps in its multi-layered platform. The BTCS platform comprises four layers independently working for a common goal. The layers are execution, mining, consensus, and rewards layers.

The Bitcoin Spark application will after its launch, roll out a BTCS Wallet for storage, trading, and management of BTCS tokens. Like Bitcoin, it maintains a total BTCS supply of 21M tokens, with 4.5M available in the ICO. Mining rewards will extend beyond the BTC timeline and miners’ rewards are guaranteed by the platform’s self-sustainable income from CPU and GPU rental and a futuristic advertising model.

TON price

Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of the TON decentralized ecosystem, designed to facilitate fast payment settlements and decentralized applications with low fees. TON operates an independent blockchain. Previously Telegram Open Network, it faced the SEC and rebranded in 2020 to ‘The Open Network.’ Toncoin, with the ticker TON, is used for staking within the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 

Ton price saw its ATH at $5 in November 2021 during a staking event by OKX. However, Toncoin didn’t maintain these high prices and experienced a drop. In 2022, it faced a downturn but managed to recover from a low of $0.80 to $2.40 by year-end. In early 2023, Toncoin remained relatively stable, trading between $2 and $2.40. The current TON price is $2.25, with a total market cap of $7.73 billion. Over the last 24 hours, it achieved a trading volume of $14.66 million and has a circulating supply of 3.43 billion TON. 

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